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Earn money via passive ads, affiliate sales, sponsors, recurring sales and more... 

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Here's What TAO Will Do For You...

Our step-by-step Action Plan is designed to build your foundations fast, really fast! Say Goodbye to Shiny Object Syndrome and Hello to Clarity, Purpose, and Success as a beginner Marketer.

At Taking Action Online, our mission is to empower budding marketers at the onset of their journey, helping them establish a robust online presence with an automated sales funnel that works while they sleep.

We guide them through the clutter of fleeting trends and equip them with the fundamental skills of content creation, income generation, funnel building, and email marketing. 

We aim to be a beacon of support for those who are yet to see profits or comprehend their setbacks.

Guided by the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency, we commit to offering tailored solutions and unwavering guidance to help our members build successful and sustainable online businesses.

#1 - Set a Direction for Your Online Venture

Everyone has a passion or an interest that sparks excitement. It only takes one idea to create a thriving business online. Unsure of your ideas? 

No worries, Taking Action Online helps you set a course for your business with my lightning fast tutorials and AI tools. 

Remember, when you create a business around what you love, it doesn't feel like work at all. Choosing a niche can take as little as 20 minutes with our training!

#2 - Build an Attractive, Income-Ready Website

Establish Your Business's Foundation with Our Copy & Paste Templates!

Every online business starts with a website. Your website is your link to your audience and your potential customers. At Taking Action Online, we guide you on how to create a stunning, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive website with ease! 

Your website will not just be visually appealing but also primed for generating revenue. 

#3 - Drive Traffic (and tons of it)!

With billions of Internet users, the possibilities are endless.

Your business is about connecting with people, and when you can do that effectively, your opportunities are limitless. Through the lessons at Taking Action Online, you will learn about the most current strategies and methods to attract and engage people who can become your potential clients.

Regardless of your experience, knowledge, or budget, we make sure you reach your maximum potential. Billions of Internet users are waiting for you.

#4 - Earn Revenue!

Leverage the vast array of products and services YOU can instantly promote. We will guide you through the process. Once you have traffic, you will shift your focus to the "earn revenue" part of your business. 

This is the exciting part. Without needing to spend a dime or handle inventory/support, you can promote top brands globally through affiliate programs.

We'll show you how to find high-converting products/services to promote on your website, tapping into the vast opportunity out there!


I Am Your "anti-guru guru"

I'm Philip Borrowman, the creator of Taking Action Online, and I've made it my mission to bring a sincere, no-nonsense approach to the world of affiliate marketing.

I've earned my stripes as an "anti-guru guru" by deviating from the flamboyant, hard-sell tactics that are all too common in our industry.

Instead, I focus on delivering practical, actionable advice and setting realistic expectations, creating a breath of fresh air for those just starting their journey.

It's all about honesty and value in my playbook - you'll see it in every in-depth guide, every quick tip I share.

I've established a strong rapport with those new to affiliate marketing, providing them a sturdy foundation and a realistic roadmap to success, far from the overblown promises of instant wealth. 

My philosophy is centered on consistent action and building a sustainable business over time - and it's this approach that has resonated deeply with those searching for a reliable and honest mentor amidst the complex world of affiliate marketing.

Experience Unbeatable Support with A Personal Touch: The Key to Your Success

Our top priority is to support you every step of the way, that's why we offer 1-on-1 personalized help. We're passionate about your success, and we're ready to go above and beyond to ensure you reach your goals.

We provide one-on-one support and customized assistance to every student, making sure you never feel alone on your journey.

But that's not all, Philip will be there with you every step of the way, offering his personal touch and expert advice to help you reach your goals faster.

With our unwavering support, you're sure to come out a winner!

Say Goodbye to Shiny Object Syndrome and Hello to Clarity, Purpose, and Success as an Newbie Marketer.

You may have found yourself shelling out hundreds of dollars for software that promised to automate your business but delivered nothing but headaches.

Or perhaps you've spent countless hours watching outdated training videos that never seem to lead to any real results.

The frustration of constantly wasting money and time can be overwhelming and leave you feeling like you'll never achieve your goals as an affiliate marketer.

But what if there was a solution to this endless cycle of frustration?

What if you could have a clear and concise plan to follow, designed specifically for beginner affiliate marketers?

That's where Taking Action Online comes in.

We have developed a step-by-step blueprint that removes the guesswork and eliminates the risk of falling prey to shiny object syndrome.

We give you a step-by-step process to build a profit-ready marketing business, using proven methods and resources.

No more throwing money down the drain on worthless products or wasting precious time trying to figure out how to be successful.

Taking Action Online is your ticket to clarity and purpose, helping you to generate an online income as an affiliate marketer.

Our Members Are Loving It!

I do believe there is a lot of honesty and integrity within the training itself…

There is no hype, no bull, no get-rich-quick type thing…

It’s the best thing that has happened to me…

The best thing is the personal touch from Philip…

In weeks Philip has filled in so many gaps and holes I needed to know…

The content is fantastic. It is step by step and there is no BS…

I sent an email to Philip, and before I could walk away from the computer there was a response immediately…

There is gold in here and I have been re-watching it over and over again…

I sent Philip some emails and I got a quick response. You can’t go wrong with TAO…

I have made more progress in my online business than ever before...

This process definitely works. There is no denying that...

TAO is single-handedly the best purchase I have made...

With TAO, I didn't need to research anything; everything was there and so easy to follow...

The support is fantastic. You can ask Philip questions, and you get answers...

I have been able to build a real business and start making commissions...

"Philip is such an amazing guide, and more importantly a very kind person! In times when I felt down, stuck and started giving up on the whole idea of blogging full-time as a career - he would always find the right words to inspire me, and push me to move forward!"


Affiliate Marketer


"First of all, I must say that Philip is a really good person, and he is really trustworthy. Without him, I would not have made my first sale online, and you know why? Because he motivated me to work when it was hardest to continue and I am very grateful to him for that."


Affiliate Marketer


"Thanks for the new content, Phil. Really enjoying the training so far, and your no-nonsense attitude.

I actually find myself looking forward to playing the next video, unlike other programs I've purchased."


Web Coach


What Are You Waiting For? Start The Training Right Away and build your business in just a few hours

-Philip Borrowman

"I believe in the power of delivering real value and building lasting relationships with my audience.

That's why I've introduced the $1 one-time fee payment for my 7-Step Action Plan. 

It's not about revenue; it's about giving you the chance to truly test the waters, to fully experience the wealth of knowledge, guidance, and practical skills our training offers. 

I'm confident that you'll see just how much value you're receiving, and I hope it leads to you becoming part of our dedicated online community. 

This offer is all about reducing the barriers to entry, allowing you to explore, learn, and start building your online business affordably.

Because in the end, your success is my success, and when you love what you get from Taking Action Online, that's a victory in my book."

  • Immediate Access to the 7-Step Action Plan
  • Done-For-You Niches
  • Done-For-You Lead Magnets
  • 3-Click Website Import
  • AI Assisted Website Creation
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support For Immediate Guidance
  • Implementation Checklists
  • SEO Implementation Checklists
  • Conversion Funnel Templates
  • Fanatical Support + Personalised Help
  • Community Feed & Support
  • Earn money via passive ads, affiliate sales, sponsors, recurring sales and more...
  • EXTRA: YouTube Bootcamp Included
  • EXTRA: Blogging Bootcamp Included

Normal Price is $29.99

There is no funnel, just the $1.00 payment and you can start the training right after checkout.

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