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5-Part Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi guys. And it’s time for you to walk through this five part series on affiliate marketing. So you can understand how you can make money online as an affiliate. I am gonna give you a few slaps. I’m gonna shake you a little bit here and make sure you understand that this here is a true opportunity for you. Um, and if you take this by, by the horns and go for this, uh, the new stand, the real chance of getting traffic leads and sales, uh, for your new affiliate marketing business. Okay. Uh, so in this five part series, I’m be, uh, talking to you about things that you may not be ready to hear. I’m gonna share a few things with you that may shock you. And I, I want to really shake you to the core here and make you understand exactly why you are failing.

Speaker 1 (00:37):

And, uh, uh, but uh, most importantly, I wanna share with the you why your success is much closer than you may think, right? Uh, but it’s all about how you, um, perceive it and what you do next and about your perspective and what you do next to actually kickstart your business online. Okay. So over next 30 minutes, uh, I’m hopefully you gonna transform you, uh, from a losing entrepreneur to a winning entrepreneur. And so you can start build your business online as an affiliate. My name is Philip barman, by the way, I’m the creator of taking action online, um, and welcome to my training. And, uh, let’s, let’s jump in and we’ll get started with this five part training, uh, for newbie affiliate marketers. Cheers.


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Why You Fail Every Time


Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi guys, Philip again. And, uh, in this, uh, first part, uh, I’m gonna talk to you about why you are failing online as an affiliate marketer. So why are you failing online as an affiliate? Well, it’s quite simple. Um, I’m gonna tell you again, this is gonna hurt. This is gonna sting for you. Uh, but this is the truth. The reason you’re failing is because of you, because of your mindset, because of your attitude, because of the way your mind has been triggered and brainwashed by a schooling system. And, uh, because of the so-called gurus out there who sell you the dream of making money online, fast for no effort and so on and so forth with these untapped resources and the secret software and all that nonsense. Okay? So it’s your fault. You’re losing, okay, it’s your fault, you know, make money, but, but guys, uh, making money line is much simpler than you think.

Speaker 1 (00:50):

And I’ll reveal the rest inside the, the, the, the next four parts of this training. But now let’s talk about why you’re failing. Like I said, it’s your fault. You’re failing cuz of you. And there’s two very, very, very, very, very simple reasons for that one is you’re not taking this business seriously for you. It’s a, gimick, it’s a hobby. It’s fun. It’s something you, you are enjoying researching. Okay. Number two is the fact that you’re not thinking long term, okay. Not taking seriously and, and not thinking long term within these two reasons, the, there are a whole sort of whole plethora of reasons within there. You’re not an entrepreneur. You’re not thinking long term, you don’t understand cash flow. You, you don’t understand the, the concept of giving value today, creating something today to build a long term sustainable income. Okay. If you can create one article today or one video or one social media post within tension of making money in a month, in three months, in six months, a year, even two years.

Speaker 1 (01:47):

That’s what we have to think about. If you are thinking right now that, uh, you know, you are thinking, oh, how can I pay my rent this month? Or how can I make money today? So I can pay rent tomorrow. That in itself is, is a huge warning sign that you are thinking short term, which means you’re not entrepreneur. Okay? Because every single successful person online ever doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger or YouTuber or content creator or freelancer, whoever, it doesn’t matter who you are. If you look at their backstory, every single person is spent years crafting themselves. Okay. And making themselves an entrepreneur. Right. And you have to do the same. And that’s, that may not be what you want to hear, but that is the truth. Okay. But luckily with the training I have for you, right? Uh, you can take the first step and actually get real progress fast.

Speaker 1 (02:33):

Okay. If you are willing to change your mindset and fix those two problems, start of thinking long term and take it seriously, guys, take it seriously. All right. Uh, because most people simply treat it is online thing as a hobby, as a funnel thing they do on the weekend because they, they find it. Interesting. Okay. That’s that’s good if you find it interesting. That’s great. But you have to take that extra little step and take it seriously. Okay. Invest in yourself. Invest time in yourself and your business and move forward from there. Okay. Uh, cause otherwise, um, it’s simply not gonna work. And this is the main reason, uh, why people fail at this point here guys. I’ve had thousands upon thousands of students and every single time somebody fails is because of those two reasons they’re not taking seriously and they’re not thinking long term.

Speaker 1 (03:17):

Okay. So with our man, guys, usual little exercise for you think back to the last year, the last two years, last three years, last four years, last five years, however long it’s been for you that since, since you first started trying to make money online, imagine your very, very first thing you tried that. Assuming it was honest, assuming it was genuine, assuming it, assuming it was good training, go back a year, two years, three years, four years. Imagine if you had stuck to that one thing, one project and given your full attention, given your full love, given 110% of your time, and you worked on a one project for at least a year and a half before you gave up, do you think you would’ve progressed really, really far with that project? Absolutely. Would’ve okay. Where it would’ve gone. Who knows? Okay. But you would’ve got a hell a lot further because you were taking it seriously and you were thinking long term.

Speaker 1 (04:07):

Okay. That’s why it’s so important. And that’s why you’re failing. So in the next video you guys, I wanna share with you, uh, uh, the, the five losing personality traits of new Beil marketers, and how to fix it. I wanna share with you. Um, I want, I wanna talk to you about get rich quick and why it doesn’t exist, but why that’s a good thing for you. I’m gonna share with you the secret to online success. I wanna talk to you about when or how fast you can get to $100 per day. And I’m also gonna share with you a fast track bonus at the end. So you can get started right now today. You can start today building your, your business online as an affiliate. Okay. So jump ahead guys, move on to the next module and uh, I’ll see you in the next video. Cheers.




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Losing Personality Traits


Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi guys, Philip again. And in this video, I wanna share with you the five losing personality traits that all newbies have, uh, and all newbies need to remove from their psyche in order for them to explode their progress online, and actually start getting traffic leads in sales and build a real business online. Okay. Uh, in the last video, I, I explained to you why you’re failing and in this one, uh, we’re talk about, um, your losing personality traits and, uh, but don’t worry because it’s much easier to think and you can remove them fast. And at the end of this five part training inside the Bo bonus section, I’m gonna share with you how you can explode your progress today and move forward faster than ever before. So the five losing personality traits of newbie, a fair marketers. Number one is basically blaming and complaining.

Speaker 1 (00:45):

Okay. Uh, most newbies fail. Failure is a huge parts of the journey you fail every single day in micro microsteps. Okay. And unfortunately, newbies tend to blame the tool. They blame the service. They blame the mentor. They blame the guru. They blame the weather. They blame the computer. They blame the lighting. They blame everything apart from themselves. Okay. Uh, and that’s number one. Number two is jealousy. And this is when, uh, Lubies get jealous and tend to have the attitude of thinking. Um, oh, it’s easy for you, Philip, because you’ve got a list. You’ve got authentic camera. You’ve got lighting you a good computer. I don’t have that. Okay. Well guess what? I earned that in the beginning. When I started guys, I was heavily in debt. I had a crap computer. I had a crap microphone. I had a crap software. I had crap, everything.

Speaker 1 (01:35):

I had nothing. I started from nothing. I’ve earned my success. And that’s what, um, newbies tend to forget. I’ve 10 years building a business. I’ve done at this point here. I’ve done over five, over about 6,000 videos. Okay. I’ve earned the right to have the results I show. Okay. So don’t forget that. And that same goes for any successful market line, any successful, successful, successful person, anywhere. If you are success, a success, you, you have earned it. Okay. And that’s one thing that newbie marketers tend to forget. Number three is, uh, overthinking and stopping at the first sign of a hurdle. Okay. Again, very common is the fact that, um, in the beginning, when you’re first building a business, uh, you’re gonna hit so many hurdles. Every little thing seems like a mountain because, you know, you’re, you’re learning, you’re, you’re trying to be best and you’re pushing forward, but every single thing is gonna stop you in your tracks and you have to sort kind of, you know, figure out why isn’t working.

Speaker 1 (02:30):

You know, things like choosing a niche or installing, um, HTTPS certificate, or, you know, just, just making a video or writing a blog post or SEO. How, how, how does SEO work? Right. All these huge, huge hurdles you have to overcome for you to move forward. The only thing you can do is to push forward. If you throw hands up and go, ah, I can’t do it. It’s too hard. It’s this fault. It’s that fault. It’s not my fault. It’s because of this. And I wanna try this instead. You’re never gonna move forward. Okay. So stick with one thing and stop blaming others and stop, you know, putting up hurdles for yourself that don’t exist. Okay. Just push forward. And every single day you’re gonna inch forward a little bit every single day. Okay. Um, number four is simply being unprofessional, unprofessional, you know, uh, when it comes to, uh, choosing, uh, what, uh, career to go or what, uh, angle to go for or how to approach the content, even just turning up.

Speaker 1 (03:23):

Okay. Uh, some people will say, oh, I can’t work today because I’m, I’m watching a movie with the misses or, uh, I have to watch this thing or I have to go and do this, or I’ve got chores to do. Right. Things like that, where they, they, they don’t put their business first. Okay. They find any excuse and just the overall are just unprofessional in their whole behavior. And that is because they’re treating it as a hobby. They’re not taking it seriously. Like I mentioned, like I mentioned in the previous video. Okay. Um, and the last and final, uh, flaw with newbies is simply the, the fear of failure and making assumptions based on nothing. Okay. Uh, fear failure. Is he huge because, um, you’ve been brainwashed by the schooling system, uh, to believe that failure is a bad thing. Okay. Uh, whereas online, when you’re an entrepreneur, failure is a very, very good thing because it allows you to measure what you did wrong to redo it again and do better and better and better fail forward.

Speaker 1 (04:16):

One little inch at a time, uh, because from, for you to, from a, to B or from a to Z, okay. To, to bridge that gap from failure to success, you have thousands of micro, micro failures every single day, every single hour, bam, bam, BA boom, every single day. And that’s what makes you, that’s what crafts you as a marketer. But in school, you brainwashed to be, leave that to get from a to B you have to make a correct decision, correct decision, correct decisions again, and again, and again, to get there. That’s not the case. Okay? So in school, you’re brainwashed. If you fail this test, you are a loser. If you don’t pass this exam, you can’t get to college. If you don’t get to college, you’re not gonna get a job. If you don’t get a job, you’re not gonna get paid.

Speaker 1 (05:00):

If you don’t have money, you’re a loser. Okay. You’re taught to think like a failure because you’re taught that losing or failing something or doing something wrong is a bad thing. Online. Failing is a good thing. Okay? So you have to overcome that notion of the fear of failure, because you’re gonna fail every single day. Regardless being entrepreneur, doing it online thing means you have to have to have tough skin. You gonna fail every single day. Even now, guys, even now I’m failing every single day, every single day, things go wrong for me. And I have to push forward and keep pushing forward. See this shadow on my glass. I can’t get rid of it. I’m trying different lightings. I’m trying this here, trying that there I’ll fix it eventually, but I’m failing forward. Get it every all day. And you have to do the same. If you can overcome that. You’ll absolutely smash it and keep pushing forward forever and ever. Okay. So those are the five losing personality traits. You have to start overcoming. It’s not easy and you do it bit by bit, day by day, hour by hour. But now that you

Speaker 2 (05:57):

Are aware of them, you can start attacking them and overcoming those. Okay. So in the next video, guys, I want, I wanna talk to you about, um, uh, get rich quick. I wanna talk to you about, uh, basically the fact that get rich quick doesn’t exist. Okay. And again, as soon as you understand that you can move forward and actually start taking actual, actual, real step I step actions to moving your business forward. Okay. Uh, and inside the bonus section of the last video of the series, I’m gonna share with you how you can start today and actually get a real click for click instructions today on building your affiliate marketing business. Okay. So guys let’s move forward and we’ll keep pushing forward with this, um, affiliate bootcamp. Cheers.




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Get Rich Quick Does NOT Exist


Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi guys, Philip again. So in part three, uh, we’re talking about, uh, the get, get rich quick, and the fact that get rich quick doesn’t exist. Okay. I, I need to give you a few slaps here, guys, and just, you know, make you wake up, wake up, wake up, get rich quick does not exist. You have to understand me. Please understand this. Okay. Um, if you look at any successful marketer, any successful marketer anywhere, it doesn’t matter where, what, where, how, what business they’re in wherever they spent years getting there. Okay. In the beginning, they tried this, try that, try this, try that didn’t work. Didn’t work. Didn’t work, didn’t work, but for every single time they gained a little bit of experience, little of self-belief and eventually they succeed. So if you’re used to buying, uh, software and service is I promise one, two click solutions and done for you, this and done for your content and, um, UN untapped resources and untapped traffic sources.

Speaker 1 (00:48):

And this secret secret app that’s never been seen before. You have to stop buying that crap. Stop believing and get rich quick. Uh, because guess what guys, if you do some research on those vendors, okay, go to their bat page, go to, in to views, go to podcast where they’re speaking about their journey. Even the ones who are selling get rich quick will have a two or three year history of failing and failing and failing and failing. And then they succeed and they’re selling you the dream and why? Because they know exactly what you want to hear. They know that you want to hear done for content done for you, traffic done for you funnels. Um, easy. 1, 2, 1, 2, click unlimited traffic sources. There no work, no investment. Get, make money while you sleep passive income, they know that’s exactly what you want to hear. And that’s exactly what they tell you.

Speaker 1 (01:39):

Get it. You have to wake up because here here’s the thing, guys here, do you think for a second, for a microsecond that if I, or any other marketer who were selling something to you, if I discovered a secret software that I developed myself that was gonna get you unlimited traffic, unlimited passive income, unlimited, whatever. Do you think for a second, I would sell that to you for four $14 and 99 cents. Hell no. Do you think for a second, I would sell you a white label software of that software that was gonna cost you $297. Hell no. Do you think I would saturate my own market with my, my own software, selling it to thousands and thousands and thousand people for no money. Hell no. Wake up, wake up. You have to understand. There is no get rich quick. Okay. When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s such a simple process.

Speaker 1 (02:34):

You will not believe how simple it is. It’s not easy. Okay. It’s, it’s very hard to do, but it’s a very simple process. Just like going to the gym. Okay. You right now, you most likely know how to do a good pushup or how to do a really solid squat. Okay. But to actually go and do it, that’s the hard part researching. It is fun. Understanding the concept. That’s fun, easy. Anyone understands that, but to actually do it day in, day out, that’s the hard part. But if you’ve ever been in good shape, if you’ve ever been in a, in a position where you have been physically healthy for a long, long time, maintaining, it is much easier than you think. Getting there is easier than you think, but it takes a lot of, uh, sort of mental toughness and having a structured plan to go along with.

Speaker 1 (03:17):

Okay. And again, I’ll talk more about, about that inside the bonus section, uh, of this training. Okay. Uh, so, uh, but I want to reiterate, reiterate this whole point here, guys of, um, the fact that, uh, you have to stop looking for get rich quick. If you go back to the first and second video of the serious guys, remember a whole idea of, you know, <affirmative> taking seriously think long term, okay. That ties together with this whole notion of get rich quick. If you’re looking for get rich quick, you’re losing, there’s a reason why you’ve been looking for get rich quick for the last four years, five years, six years, 10 years. It doesn’t exist if it, if it did you would’ve found by now because you most likely bought every single shiny object out there. Right. Um, so you need to wake up and stop, uh, repeating the same mistake again and again and again, it’s literally the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and again and again, and expecting a different result.

Speaker 1 (04:11):

Okay. So you have to wake up, wake up and stop believing and get rich quick because that’s exactly what these, um, so called gurus are selling you because that’s exactly what they know you want to hear. And that’s what you buy again, then again and again. And that’s why you’re losing money. That’s why you’re wasting time. And that’s why you’re not succeeding. So stop believing and buying into get rich quick because it doesn’t exist. Deal. Good. Okay. So, uh, next up guys, I’m gonna share with you, you, the secret to online success, I’m gonna share with you exactly what you have to do to build your business and move forward. Okay. So yes. Keep pushing forward and I’ll see you in the next module. Cheers. All.




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The “Secret” To Success


Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi guys, Philip again. And, uh, this is, uh, part four of the five part series. Uh, and in this video, I wanna share with you, uh, the secret to online success as an affiliate. Okay. This secret to online success, you ready? Well, the secret guys is there is no secret, right? To succeed online as an affiliate, whether you’re credit content in form blog, posts, videos, social media posts. If you’re doing paid traffic free traffic, if you are posting on Cora medium, if you’re posting on Reddit, if you’re creating your own website, you’re on blog, whatever, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, what platform you’re on, how, what, where went, it doesn’t matter. What you’re doing. The secret is quite simple. There is no secret. Okay. And again, this goes into the whole notion of you not taking me seriously and not thinking long term, and basically being brainwashed by gurus, believing that there’s some sort of secret somewhere.

Speaker 1 (00:56):

There’s some, you have to have this tool, you have to have this app, or you have to have this thing, or no, there is no secret. Okay. Um, and I’ll talk more about this in the bonus section of this training, um, now for you to succeed guys, here’s what we do. You choose one thing, uh, for example, if you, if you wanna, uh, become a blogger, you choose blogging and you write a blog post, and then you do it again and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, you write more blog posts, more blog posts, more blog posts, more blog posts, you research, keyword research, you write the content, post it up there, repeat again and again and again and again. And for every single minute you spend researching write thing, doing keyword research, uh, understanding customer flow, understanding SEO, understanding the, the, the user experience, the structure of the content and yada yada yada yada, for every single minute, your experience grows.

Speaker 1 (01:54):

You’re crafting yourself as a, as a, as a marketer. You’re crafting your experience. You’re building on everything you do. Okay. The secret is rinsing and repeating, falling in love with boring. Okay, I’m doing the same thing again and again and again and again and again, and again, and again, take someone like David Beckham or Ronaldo, or a messy, or whoever, any kind of person who is a successful person in their field. It could be a politician. It could be a, a sports person. It could be a, a physio. There could be a receptionist. There could be a bartender or anybody. It doesn’t matter. What have they done for the last year, last two years, last three years in their chosen field. Okay, they’ve done the same thing again and again and again and again and again and again, and they become experts at that. Imagine, just think for a second, think for a second, the, the, the audacity that you have.

Speaker 1 (02:44):

And I had, when I first started you come online and you type in how to make money online fast, and you think you, you actually believe that you, an average Joe have earned the right to just magically make money for no reason, just because you decided that’s what you deserve. Okay. And that’s the problem, right? So if you go back again to the part one part, two part three, and so on of the series, you know, really listen to what, listen to what I’m saying, guys, and understand that you need to wake up. Uh, but as as said before, uh, building online business as an affiliate is much, much simpler than you think, okay. There’s not many moving parts. Okay. It’s not easy, but it’s very simple. Okay. Um, and this is the magic key. This is the, the secret is just understanding and knowing to think long term, take it seriously, believe in yourself and focus on one project and do the same thing again and again, and again, and again, become the expert of that.

Speaker 1 (03:39):

But the good thing is guys, the good thing is that becoming a successful marketer online is far easier, much, much easier, and you can do it much, much faster than most other normal everyday jobs. Okay. So if you wanna compare it to, for example, uh, becoming a lawyer or a dentist, or, you know, a really, uh, business owner or whatever, it doesn’t matter what it is. Anything even like a bartender or receptionist. If you compare that to Philly marketing, you can, you can become successful at the Philly marketing much, much, much faster than it takes to become a really good dentist or a really good receptionist or really good bartender. Okay. And not, not only that, but you can earn a thousand and times more, much faster. Okay. But it comes down to having the right mindset and using common sense and focusing on one thing and not believing get rich quick, and just basically using the secret.

Speaker 1 (04:31):

And that is falling in love with boring and building a real business online. That’s transparent, transparent, open, honest, and evergreen. Okay. And that’s the secret. So that mind guys, I’m sure you’re ready now to move on to the part five where I’m gonna share with you, uh, how long this gonna take you to make a hundred bucks per day. And then in the bonus section, I’m gonna share with you exactly how you can get click for click for click instructions to do this, uh, with a solid action plan, a complete blueprint. So you can actually fast track your success today. Okay. So jump ahead, guys. We move forward, uh, and we’ll continue with this training. Cheers. All.



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Can You Make $100 Per Day?


Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi guys, Philip barer again. And let’s talk about, uh, how long will it take you to reach a hundred bucks per day as an affiliate marketer? Well, again, very simple, truthful, straight from the hip answer is I dunno, there is no milestone. There is no set and forget formula. There is no one thing <affirmative> how long will it take you to become a successful marketer and make a hundred bucks per day? Well, that depends on a multitude of things. It depends on your budget. It depends on you. It depends on your skillset. It depends on your mindset. It depends on, you know, how, how you implement. It depends on how quickly you learn. It depends on where you are, where you’re from. Like what, what country your country are you in? It depends. Have you got a job? Have you got a full time job?

Speaker 1 (00:43):

Have you got other commitments? Have you got six children? Have you got a very demanding job? Have you got huge financial issues? And so one blah, blah, blah. Rather the list goes on and on and on, right? It totally depends on you. It depends on what you’re willing or not willing to do. Okay. And so, uh, again, this whole, this here goes into the whole thing of, um, uh, this five bar five bar series here where, where I’ve been talking about, you know, um, uh, uh, thinking long term, taking it seriously, believing yourself, focusing on one thing and you know, the secret success and all that stuff. Right. Um, if you can harness all that, right, you will move forward fast. I’ve had students of mine, who’ve reached a hundred dollar per day mark within six. Okay. Others take two, three years. It depends on you.

Speaker 1 (01:25):

Right? Um, and that’s, that’s the beauty with online thing is the fact that if you have, that can do attitude, then the online world is just a goal mind for you. Okay. But if you and complain and moan, and I can’t do this, no, this doesn’t work. And you, you have the losing mindset. You have those five losing personality trait that just compound your failure, then yeah, you are gonna struggle really struggle. But, um, I do have a complete action plan for you from the very beginning to the very end from you going from the very first step of building a website and choosing a niche to becoming a photo marketer about I’ll talk to, I’ll talk to you about that in next video, in the bonus text. Okay. Uh, whereas now I want, I wanna keep talking about this whole idea of, you know, how, how long will it take you to get to a hundred bucks per day?

Speaker 1 (02:11):

So like I like mentioned before, it depends on many factors. Uh, but like I said, like I said, um, this online thing, guys, it’s so accessible. It’s so simple. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. Okay. Um, <affirmative> and that’s what makes it, it makes it such a beautiful thing because you can, realistically, you can build a six figure business online while you still have a full-time job. Okay. You can get traffic leads and sales to your blog, to your video content, to your social media page, to your, whatever, whatever you’re trying to do, you can do that very, very simply and relatively quickly, if you have the right training, if you’re willing to implement, if you, if you’re willing to do what it takes. Okay. Um, and that’s the key here. If you’re willing to do what it takes, because for you to build an online business, guys, you have to be flexible.

Speaker 1 (03:00):

You have to be able to adjust. You have to be able to say, you know what, screw it. I’m gonna go for it. Okay. Uh, because if you are currently watching, uh, a lit five or 6, 10, 15 episodes a week of the Witcher or game of Thrones or whatever, right. Then you have to stop doing that a little bit or cut back on that. So you have time to build your online business. If you spend most weekends drinking and boozing with your friends and partying all weekend, being hung over two or three days a week, then again, you need to curtail that a little bit and actually make the sacrifice you have to make, right? So you can see how your lifestyle choice and who you are and what you do. And all that stuff has a huge impact on how soon you will succeed. The best thing, the best thing to compare to is simp.

Speaker 1 (03:44):

Simply put guys, what, uh, what are you willing to do to make hundred bucks per day, 200 bucks per day, 300 bucks per day. What are you willing to do? Are you willing to perhaps only watch two episodes of game of Thrones or the Vikings or whatever per week, as opposed to 15 or 20, are you willing to say no to your friends on Saturday for maybe one or two weeks of every month and say, no, I’m gonna spend tonight building my business. Cause I haven’t got time. I, I need to invest that money in myself. I need to invest that money in training. I need to invest that money. I’m gonna spend on booze and egg bombs on something else. Are you willing to maybe, uh, not buy that $4,000 Rolex watch or whatever it is that you, you you’re saving up for and spend that money on your business instead, are you willing to do that and so on and so forth?

Speaker 1 (04:31):

Okay. That will determine how quickly you will start making money online because that is what’s gonna sidetrack you. That is what’s gonna slow you down. That is what gonna basically distract you from succeeding, because there are so many elements here, all mish mashed together, uh, from your personality to your mindset, to your financial situation, to your family situation, to your responsibilities, to all this stuff, and you have to be flexible and be able to do what it takes. Okay. So guys that mind jump to the last video, I’ve got a very special bonus section here for you where I’m gonna share with you how you can fast track your success right now today, and start building your business today right now in the next, you know, in the next few minutes. And you can start building your business online as in filling marketer. Okay. So thanks watching guys. And I’ll see you in the bonus training cheer.







Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi guys, Philip here. And thank you so much for completing, uh, the five part affiliate bootcamp, uh, where I’ve now shown you the sort of the, the mindset changes you have to make in order for you to start building business online. So as promised here, I’m not my computer here right now. And I wanna, I wanna share with you this, uh, this bonus section here. I wanna, I wanna share with you how you can fast track your success right now today and get started, uh, building your business right on online here today. Okay. Um, so first all guys, thank you again. Thanks so much for your time and patience with the fi the five parts at Philip bootcamp. And, uh, what I’ll do you guys is? I wanna talk to you about, um, what you can do next, right? Uh, cause obviously when it comes to you building your business, uh, patience and uh, long term thinking and maturity is key without that it will not succeed.

Speaker 1 (00:44):

Okay. Um, and so for you to start moving forward right now, today, here’s what I want you to do. Okay. Um, you need to do the following. This is the answer right here. Okay. The answer is quite simple. Number one is you have to forget about get risk quick. Okay. Just, just forget that nonsense. Don’t even think about, uh, the whole get risk. Quick thing. Number two is you need to follow the guidelines from Google, um, and simply follow the rules. Okay. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing, um, YouTube, if you’re working on, um, Google, if you’re trying to get traffic from Cora social media, medium, um, wherever Twitch, anywhere, it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on. The, the key for you to actually succeed is to follow the rules and follow the guidelines. Unfortunately, most of them, uh, the sort of systems and strategies out there tend to be on the spammy side.

Speaker 1 (01:29):

They tend to, they sort of flirt around the edges of the terms, conditions, hoping they can sort extract leads, extract traffic in some really, really slithers, uh, slime you away. And it just, it, it doesn’t work because your, your account get banned. Um, and as long as you follow the rules, if you follow the rules, things are simple. Okay. Uh, ranking content in Google, um, in the Google search search results is relatively easy. Google tells you exactly how to do that ranking in, in YouTube, very simple G YouTube and Google tells you exactly how to do that. Posting on Facebook is very simple. They have all the rules they air in black and white, what it can and cannot do. Okay. And as long as you follow, follow the, um, uh, follow the guidelines from these different platforms, you’re golden. Okay. Um, the next part guys is you have to, uh, basically don’t use any kind of spammy strategy or any spammy software.

Speaker 1 (02:17):

Uh, there are many, many, many systems and methods out there, uh, that use automated processes, uh, to try and gain the system. Like, like I just mentioned, and it’s very importantly, do not, don’t use those. Okay. Don’t use those methods, uh, because they will get you banned simple things like for example, um, uh, using software and, uh, algorithms to automatically create hundreds or thousands of articles very, very quickly by using AI and simply spaming Google, it doesn’t work. Don’t do it. Or the opposite is where, uh, there are methods and systems and strategies where they will automatically create hundreds, or if not thousands of YouTube channels and simply spam it with a tens and tens of thousands of videos. Um, hoping that one or two of them will become hits again, it doesn’t work. So don’t do that. Okay. Um, number four is that you need to learn to love making mistakes, right?

Speaker 1 (03:07):

You have to push, keep pushing forward. Uh, when you’re writing blog blog post, when you’re creating YouTube, YouTube videos, if you choose to do videos, if you wanna do, um, if you want to create social media, post paid ads, free traffic, whatever you have to learn to fail, learn to fail forward and love, love mistakes. Because by doing that, now you take the extra step forward. Okay. Number five is you have to pick one strategy, pick one strategy and give it your full tension and let that become your full time thing. Okay. And number six, guys, it simply that you have to have a proven action plan to are pushed forward with, right? So this year, this here kind of, you know, summarizes what you’ve learned so far, but also gives you the solution to your problem, right. Uh, because if you go back right now to, um, whatever you’ve tried so far at any given point in, in, in the last six months, last year, last two years, and fairly certain you can identify with all these four or five, six points here, and you can pinpoint what you did wrong.

Speaker 1 (04:01):

Either you gave up too quickly, or it was, it was just some spammy software that was never gonna work in the first place. Um, or it simply didn’t have the mindset where you were not taking it seriously and you weren’t building real business. Okay. All these here come together and you need to understand these, uh, to be able to move forward. Okay. Mostly for you guys, uh, is the right, because time is against you. Time is against you, uh, because for you, um, uh, if you wanna spend time sort of Googling stuff, um, you can, okay. But unfortunately it takes a very long time. It’s very, it’s very frustrating and you never know what information is good. You, you never know what information is trustworthy up to date and, you know, uh, you, you can just hope, you know, if you, if you go to Google, Google’s kind of like, um, if you, if you’re Googling stuff, it’s kind of like a, a spray in the dark, hoping that you find something that is good and honest and transparent.

Speaker 1 (04:52):

Okay. Um, and so obviously that, that itself slows you down because you are entering a world of having a lot of fragmented information and you don’t know enough to put all together to make it in a, into a coherent strategy. Okay. But I’ve got just a thing here for you right now. So keep watching. Okay. Uh, because you have two options. Okay. Two options. Um, option one is simply for you to take what you’ve learned here today and, uh, to have a stab at that yourself and push forward, and you can just go and start Googling stuff. Okay. And just hope for the best start. That’s, that’s one way of doing it. That’s the way most people do it because there’s, there’s a lot of really good information inside Google, but obviously, you know, all you can do is just pray that you find someone honest, pray that you find someone that has up to date and relevant information and a strategy that is good and honest and transparent, but the chances are, you won’t find that because most people are out there, um, are using sort of your misleading or gray health strategies, uh, or what you can do.

Speaker 1 (05:47):

Guys, if you want to, um, if you have enjoyed my training so far, uh, is to, uh, go for option two and option two is for, you know, let, letting taking action line help you. What if my community and me, um, were to coach you and mentor you and push you forward, uh, through the whole process of building a business. Okay. From the, from the very first step of choosing a niche all the way through to going full time, creating content, uh, doing email marketing, doing blogging, doing YouTube, whatever you choose to do. Okay. It’s all there for you and my community can help you do that. Okay. In a step by step, by step fashion, if you choose to right now, does that, does that sound okay? Um, because what you can do, what if you let me and my community, uh, take an active, active role in, in your results and pushing your you forward so you can grow real business right now today.

Speaker 1 (06:36):

Okay. You, you can here right now today. And, uh, that’s where taking action online comes into play. Uh, taking action line goes far, far beyond, uh, that, uh, the five part, um, uh, affiliate bootcamp you’ve done so far, way, way beyond that. Um, and I wanna share with you here, what’s inside now, underneath this video here, underneath this video here, I’m gonna leave a link for a, a, an up to date demo of the community area, because things change a lot and I’m always updating things. Uh, so I want to have the latest information for you right there. So underneath here, underneath this video here, there’ll be a link that’ll open up a demo walkthrough, all the members area of the training and all the features I have inside taking action line. Okay. So make you click on that. Now, watch that, then come back to this here.

Speaker 1 (07:19):

So you understand the context of what I’m talking about. Deal, pause, click, and blow what I video first and then come back here. And so the first thing you get guys is the 20 step action plan. Uh, this is, um, uh, the main core element of my training, uh, and the 20 step action plan is the exact action plan I’ve used, uh, to build my business up from the ground up. Okay. Um, and this here, um, is a TW 20 step action plan and steps one to five steps, one to five, uh, cover all the basics of building a rock solid foundation for your business. Uh, you learn how to identify the perfect customer. You learn all the truth behind passive income, uh, and I show you, um, the, the secret to making money online. And you’ll also uncover the why, uh, affiliate marketers fail.

Speaker 1 (08:05):

Okay. And, uh, what I also do is we have a 24 7 community different support system, and we have a live chat system and an email system, uh, where you can get support you need when you need it. Okay. Cause obviously, you know, you need, uh, help all the time. Okay. Because you will, you will get stuck guaranteed. Um, and when you do get stuck, there’s someone there to actually help you out. Okay. So that covers step one to five, uh, step six to 11. Uh, this is where we get into the, the nuts and bolts of the training. This is where you start learning about creating it, creating irresistible content. You learn about viral, uh, creating, creating viral lead magnets. You’ll learn about email marketing. You’ll learn about YouTube. If you choose to you don’t have to do YouTube. You don’t have to blog. You choose the, the direction you want to go in.

Speaker 1 (08:49):

Whatever’s most comfortable for you. That’s where you go. And also what you can do is you also learn about how to optimize your website for sales. Um, and again, you have a completely 100% spam for your community here, guys, um, with, uh, 24 7 live chat, chat support from us. Um, so you get the help you need when you need it. Right. Uh, and then we move on to, um, and you can see here, that’s nice, nice screenshot there of the chat support system there, where you can get the chat support you need. Uh, then you move on to step 12 to 20 steps, 1220. This is when you learn to explode your list growth. Okay. And you learn about, um, setting your email marketing and automations up so you can have automatic, um, uh, promotions running. Uh, you also learn about expanding your niche knowledge and dominating your niche.

Speaker 1 (09:32):

And you also learn about how to scale, how to create your own if you choose to and you transition into going full time. Okay. And again, I want to re reiterate this here again, the fact that we have a spam free community and we have that live chat support. So you have someone there for you when you need help. Okay. Um, and then we move on to the, to the other parts of the tower community and the other of the tower community. Again, if you watch, watch the demo below, um, you’ll see you have something called the strategy guides. Okay. These here are, uh, 5,000 word PLR reports, um, which you have full white label rights to meaning that you can sell these as your own product. You can claim full authorship of these. This is my gift to you. Every single month, I have one fresh strategy guide for you that you can sell as your own.

Speaker 1 (10:20):

Okay. Um, and every single month you get one new one, um, and that’s included inside the membership. Okay? You can, you can claim, follow ownership of these and sell ’em as your own. You can rewrite them if you want to, you can use them in a whole range of ways. Um, you can use them for blog, post content. You can use ’em for social media year. You can use ’em to script your videos. If you want to, you can use them in your email marketing and so on and so forth. It’s so much stuff there for you. That’s just done for you done for your content. Okay. Um, it even comes with, uh, done for you sales copy. So you can copy and paste that onto a sales page. Hey, Presso booth, you have sales page and you can sell this as your own. It even comes with a white label slide presentations.

Speaker 1 (10:58):

So you can create your own presentations like this here, and you can turn ’em into full blown courses if you choose to. Okay. Uh, but again, the full training on that is given inside members area of taking action line. What you also get guys is every single month we have one or two workshops inside called the jump start workshops. These are line live, uh, workshops where you come on, come on, um, a live call with us, uh, where, uh, you can ask questions. And we have, uh, presentations about the latest news by the latest developments and the latest I implementation strategies. And more we share case studies, um, implementation strategies. We show what we’re working on. We show how to, how to create content and all kinds off. And you get a chance to ask us questions. Uh, these here are 100% educational, uh, because you know, sometimes when you go on webinars, um, and they, they’re not really, um, educational, they’re purely purely sales webinars.

Speaker 1 (11:50):

Okay. Now they’re, they’re, they’re fine. They’re, they’re very common. Uh, but obviously for, for inside taking action line, um, the jumpstart workshops are 100 educational. There’s no sales, there’s no GIM, there’s pure education for you to really hammer home the value. So you can learn how to increase sales, have faster implementation, be more efficient, and you can have, um, uh, you can have a full Q and a us, so you can ask us questions. Okay. Uh, this here is, uh, is, uh, you have two workshops per month here, um, depending on the schedule. Um, and this, again, this year is incredibly valuable and you get to know, you get to know us as well, and we get to know you cause you can ask questions. Okay. Not only that guys, but we also have an all in one EO tool, um, which is a real lifesaver.

Speaker 1 (12:35):

It saves time and saves a fortune because SEO, SEO tools are very expensive. Uh, but that’s all included inside material of TA. Okay. And with this, um, uh, SEO tool, you can do queue research, you can check your site health, you can check for broken links. You can do all kinds of, um, spy analysis on your competitors, and much, much more all there for you, uh, inside again, check out the demo below here, guys, and you, you a good sense for what this is, right? Uh, but this, this EO tool guys, just this EO tool, if you were to go out and buy the separate, separate from my community, that would cost you 35 bucks a month for the most basic plan. Okay. That, that itself, it’s, it’s a huge old, old nugget for you. Uh, when you come and join TA today and also guys, uh, we, we also have, uh, the template involved.

Speaker 1 (13:21):

Okay. Again, that’s all included here. Uh, this here is done for you media content in, in the form of, uh, infographics, images, memes, and so on. Um, and these here are, um, uh, uh, content for, for you that you can just take a copy and paste and both use it on your, in your, um, social media, uh, social media channels. You can use it as, um, uh, images on a blog post. You can use it as overlays on your videos. You can use it, use it in your emails, if you want to. And much, much more. All of them are completely editable. Okay. Uh, so they’re all, they’re all inside, um, uh, inside of a one click software where it opens up both and you can edit it to your heart content and you can do all kinds of stuff within there. And it’s fantastic.

Speaker 1 (14:04):

And again, it’s all included. Now we say this point here, guys, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Like this may be too much, but it’s all broken down guys into micro micro chunks for you. It’s very easy to understand. It’s very easy to, to digest. Um, and, um, at this stage here, guys, uh, the niches we, the niches we have for this, the template vault is the digital marketing, fitness, pets, beauty, and fashion and wealth. Okay. And there’s more coming later. Um, and again, with this content here, guys, you can, you can use in any way you want, okay. Um, you have full rights to it. You use it in any way you want. And again, it’s a fantastic time saver for you, and it really helps you to overcome those hurdles of creating content, right. And again, click link below, have a look at the demo and you can see inside.

Speaker 1 (14:46):

Okay. Um, and not only that guys, but you get real support and guidance. Okay. Believe it or not. I do my own support tickets because I want to have that personal touch that you have to have in order for you to, to feel welcome, to feel, to feel part of the community because I want to help you. Okay. Um, you get click for click instructions. Everything inside is click for click for click, for click. So there’s nothing left out. You’re not gonna be confused. You’re gonna have saved so much time save so much frustration and you’ll actually move forward. Okay. You’ll actually see results here. Uh, when you come and join tower, if you take action, if you implement, and if you’re willing to think long term, like I’ve like, I’ve just taught to you inside the five parts affiliate bootcamp, right. And, uh, as always guys, um, all the strategies, strategies we show you proven to convert their proven strategies, uh, because we use them all the time.

Speaker 1 (15:35):

Um, and you have the live chat support feature. So you get the, you get the help you need when you need it. Or you can email me personally as well. And I’ll get back to you too. Okay. So, so far guys, here’s the recap of what you, you’re gonna get now today when you join, uh, join tower and I’ve also got some awesome bonuses for you. So keep my watching, because I’ve got some bonuses, I’ve got knocking stocks off. Um, uh, but for right right now, guys, you can see here, you get 2020 step action plan. You get jumpstart workshops, you get strategy guides with one, one extra guide. Every single month, you get the real instant supporting chat. Um, and you also get the all one EO tool and you also get the template vault and inside a temp, the, even the, um, the template you get, uh, hundreds of fresh templates every single month uploaded to the site as well.

Speaker 1 (16:17):

Okay. So, uh, as you see guys, uh, just the monthly value here, just the monthly value over 400 bucks per month. Okay. Over 400 bucks per month, but obviously don’t worry. I’m not gonna charge you that, okay. That’s not what you’re gonna pay here today. When you join, you’re gonna pay a of that. Uh, but also I wanna show you, um, uh, the bonuses. I wanna show you what you get and stuff. So keep watching, because, um, you’re gonna love what I have for you here. So, uh, the key here guys is for you two, just imagine for a second, imagine for a second, that if you came and joined tower today, imagine that if you had the actual answers you wanted, that you needed, when you needed them, imagine that you had, um, you know, watching tutorials that were trustworthy, that you can actually use that were honest, that you can look at and go, that’s true.

Speaker 1 (17:03):

That’s accurate. That’s real. Imagine that for a second, imagine, you know, being, being free of misleading information, imagine being able to just watch stuff and believe in trust the stuff you, the content you’re learning. And that’s exactly what you get when you come and join Tao. Imagine you being taught by someone like me and some of my other coaches inside who actually want to help you, who don’t, don’t just wanna sell stuff to you actually want to help you out and to help you forward. And that’s exactly what you get when you join Tao. Okay. Um, and here’s Kim Wolf. Kim Wolf is one of my students here. Um, she used my training inside, um, to create this article here. Um, and it ran in Google and she’s got thousands upon thousands among thousands of clicks, uh, as a result of following the training inside Tao.

Speaker 1 (17:46):

Okay. And you can see the date here, uh, from the, the 1st of September until April 13th, 2020 21, 2000 clicks, 23,000 impressions inside Google. And again, here, if, if you, if you go on search right now in Google for Vietnam alternatives, um, you know what that is and what the articles about doesn’t matter is about the fact that, uh, she, she is, she’s still ranking that. Okay. And if you’re gonna search for that, you’ll find that. And if I go here now to, to a more updated, uh, um, screenshot there, you can see in the last 12 months, you know, 6,000 clicks and 200,000 impressions are going to search those search queries okay. For his article. And this is what you learned inside tower. Okay. So to give you to give you an indication, you guys, if you’ve ever done any kind of paid advertising before for you to get 6,000 clicks to your site would cost you in the reason of 15, 20, $30,000.

Speaker 1 (18:40):

Okay. This year completely free by simply following my training and following what I teach inside tower this year is a blogging example. Here’s what, um, you have, uh, Lorraine Bracken again, she’s one of my students. Um, you can see here, she’s got, she had this, uh, this use YouTube channel, uh, where she managed to get a thousand subscribers over the course of a year or so. Um, and again, Lorraine is a full-time mom. She has two of 3, 4, 3 or four children, I think. Um, and again, she’s very busy and she’s doing this and on the back end and you can see her business is growing. She’s a sense earning commissions and much more. Okay. And it’s all here. The core element here, guys. These are ordinary people. These, the Lorraine and Kim they’re both mums. Okay. They’re both busy. They both got jobs. They, they got very hectic life.

Speaker 1 (19:24):

And yet they’re still able to build their online business. Okay. Bit by bit, day by day, thinking long term, implementing the five part, um, implementing the five parts, uh, of Philly bootcamp. I talked to you before. Okay. They’re here. They’re working. They’re doing what they’re supposed to do. Okay. And I want you to be next. Okay. I want you to be next. I want you to come and join me right now, and I’m not gonna charge you 400 bucks a month. Okay. But because you stuck with me on this five part of Philly bootcamp, I want do something. I wanna do something special for you right now. And I’ve got some bonus for you. So keep watching. Okay. And I have some, uh, special bonuses for those who, you know, just decide to come and join here right now today. Now when you come and join tower today, I’m not gonna charge you 400 bucks per month.

Speaker 1 (20:06):

Okay. Um, and even this year even comes with 30 day me pack guarantee. What I’m gonna charge you, I’m gonna charge you 47 bucks per month. A leaving goes far as giving you half price discount on your first month with towel. So you can come inside, get a good look around and you can see everything. You can access everything and see everything there. Okay. And it’s only 2350 for your first month followed by $47 per month after that. And you can cancel any time. There’s no contract. Okay. And everything is there for you. If you, if you click link, uh, below video here and enter the discount code 50 off, uh, in the checkout page, you, you will activate your discount here and you can move forward. And it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You have literally nothing to lose. Absolutely nothing to lose here.

Speaker 1 (20:46):

It’s completely safe for you. Um, and there’s nothing to losing you full access to everything I’ve covered so far, but I keep watching. So I’ll give you a full run down here of exactly what, what the bonuses are and what you’re getting. So you understand, you have complete transparency about exactly what you’re getting. Okay. Um, and, uh, so yeah, let’s, let’s cover the bonuses I have for you here right now today. Okay. So the first bonus guys is I’m gonna give you immediate access, uh, to all the previous strategy guides. Okay. Remember, before I mentioned the, the 5,000 word PLR reports, uh, which you have full white label rights to, okay. Meaning you can sell them as your own, you get done for your sales copy. And these here you can claim, you can claim, um, authorship of these, these products. And you can use these as your own in whole, whole range of ways.

Speaker 1 (21:31):

And I’ll give you full access to all the back dated issues going back to June of 2021. Okay. So if you’re watching this in 2022, 2023, whenever, okay. And you just count back 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. How many months is it until for, uh, going back to June of 2021. That’s how many you’re getting. Okay. As a bonus here. Um, so you can see here, the first, the issue, number one that was, that was released on in June of 2021 was called 10 ways to add value to an affiliate offer. Issue. Two was 10 ways to make sure your subscribers open and read your emails. Issue three was 10 prudent ways to position yourself at authority, um, within your niche, um, issue four, uh, was how to get people who aren’t spending a penny to start buying from you, issue five, which how to create an ebook. People want to read and so on.

Speaker 1 (22:17):

Okay. And all these here, guys, you can sell and keep, uh, you can sell these as your own and keep the profits. Okay. So you’ll get access to all the backdated issues, um, as, as well as part of this here, the value of that is, you know, 4, 5, 6, 7, 800 bucks, depending on when you join. Okay. Um, and, uh, so, and, and every single month you get one fresh guide added into the membership of tower, right? Uh, again, the value there is insane, right? Also what you get guys, the second bonus is you get access to all the previous jump start workshops. The exact same principle applies here where, uh, we’ve back dated this to April of 2021. Right? Um, and again, these here are completely 100% educational. Uh, we talk about traffic generation. We talk about conversion strategies. We talk about, you know, we give you case studies.

Speaker 1 (23:04):

We talk about content creation and lots, lots more. Okay. Um, we talk about, uh, you know, this is so much stuff that we talk about is actually incredible and you get that, um, live engagement and you feel part of a community and you know, you’re not alone, right. Again. So click, click, clicking, blow, and go and grab it right now. So here’s a quick recap guys of everything you getting here, and you can see actual the total one, one off value here, guys, there’s over 1400, 1400 bucks and you get it for only 2350. The average sort of monthly value is over 200, uh, sorry. 450 bucks per month. Okay. But you can get it only 20, um, 2350 followed by 47 bucks per month. Right. And every single month we add another two more workshops. We add one more, um, strategy guide and you get, uh, all the tools.

Speaker 1 (23:51):

And so on that we have inside as well. Okay. Uh, the template vault, all one SEO tool and more. Okay. And like I said before, guys, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, literally nothing to lose here. If you want any money back, somebody send email and both of you’ll get your money back straight away. And there’s no, no worries. There. No, no concerns, nothing. Okay. Um, now taking line guys is for you, if you are sick to death of buying shiny objects and just wasting your time, um, with these gimmicks and shiny objects, this is heres for you guys. If you’ve had enough of, you know, information overload, if you want real for click instructions. And this year is definitely for you, if you want honest and reliable training, and this year is Han for you, if you want complete support and click for click tutorials.

Speaker 1 (24:34):

Okay. So, uh, I know you probably worried. I know we were concerned. I know you probably thinking, oh yeah, but Philip, this is too much like, this is too much here. This, like, you got the template vault, you got strategy guide, you got the 20 action plan. He goes, this and this and this and this and this it’s too much. Well, don’t worry, guys. It’s all broken down into micro trunks. Full guidance is given inside the training. It’s all there for you. Cause obviously the last, the last thing I want is to overwhelm you, right? So it’s all there. It’s all over green. It’s all up to date. You can work along in your own way in your own time. You take your time and do you want whatever you wanna do when you wanna do it? So don’t feel overwhelmed because, um, it’s all there for a reason.

Speaker 1 (25:12):

Uh, and the main, the main one is to, to save you time, because if you can not go to Google, right, and start Googling stuff, then this here is gonna be a huge time saver for you and push it forward faster than ever four. And if you’re worried that you’re not smart enough or that it seems too technical, don’t worry. Cuz everything is click for click for click and you have the full support of me and my whole team inside and, and the whole community. Right. Uh, and you get a support you need when you need it. Okay. Um, and so here guys, this is what you’re getting right now. Okay. Uh, again, I, I’m not gonna go through every single one again, but you can just, you know, have a glance here, guys, have a look at the value and you can see it’s 2350.

Speaker 1 (25:49):

That means you can come inside, complete peace of mind. You can see everything inside there. You can, you can see the action, the the, the 20 step action plan. You can see the jump start workshops. You can see the strategy guides. You can see the supports. You can test the supports. You can see the all one SEO tool. You can see the template vault. You can see the bonuses. It’s all there for you for 20, 50, 50. And then it follows after that it’s 47 bucks per month. Okay. And every single month, fresh, uh, jumpstart workshops, fresh pillar reports, fresh content, fresh training and all that good stuff. It’s all there for you. And it comes with complete money back guarantee. So there literally is no reason why you should not want this here because its simply too good to resist. Right. And hopefully so far guys, by watching my five parts, um, uh, affiliate bootcamp training, and then seeing this here and seeing value go, I’m going outta my way to give as much value as I possibly can here guys, to make sure you can see pro progress to make sure you can actually push forward.

Speaker 1 (26:45):

So just make sure you can get the help you need when you need it. And that’s why I created Tao. That’s why I’ve got this here. And so you can get the real help you need and you can see the total sort of monthly value here guys. It’s over 450 bucks per month and you can come and grab this knife for 20, 50, 50, right? It’s up to you. <affirmative> if you have any questions at all, just send me an email. If you have any concerns, any worry it’s anything at all, send me an email. Okay. Now I’ll do what I can to help you out. Um, cuz there’s no nothing’s hidden. Okay. Everything’s open. Everything’s transparent. There’s nothing to hide. It’s all here for you. Um, the forefront of my coaching, my training, everything I do is transparency open and simply being honest and giving as much value as I physically can.

Speaker 1 (27:27):

And this is, this is me doing that. Okay. So guys, all I can say, clicking, blow, jump inside. There’s nothing to lose here and I’ll see you inside of Missouri, come and say hello inside the community community, uh, feed say hello in the chat. And uh, I’ll, I’ll give you a quick hello and I’ll do and to guide you and you can push forward when you come and start and join full instructions are given on exactly what to do next. You’re building your website and setting up your, uh, choosing your niche and choosing your content to create and setting the whole funnel up. Everything’s there for you. So you know exactly what to do and when to do it. And when you get stuck, you have me, you have my, you have the community, you have my support team and everyone’s here for you to make sure you succeed and become a full-time affiliate marketer deal. Cool. So jumping below and I’ll see you on the inside. Thanks.


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