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Philip first started his online journey sometime in 2012 when he stumbled upon the stereotypical "make $1,000 per day" products which were flooding the Internet.

At first, he ignored them because they had to be scams but, worn down by the continuous bombardment of emails and advertisements, he decided to take a look.

Philip is also the creator of the following products:

Nothing is what it seems online!


The biggest problem Philip faced was that whichever product he purchased, which were supposed to show him how make money online, they always let him down.

The sales pages were so deceiving and misleading and they always promised WAY more than they delivered.

He was literally in a continuous loop of buying product after product after product, never really getting anywhere.

After 12 months he still had NOT made a single commission or sale!

No one to trust online!

It was perfectly obvious that no one actually wanted to help others make money online, they only wanted your email address and to make you buy their product!

Once you parted with your money, the rug was pulled from underneath the flashy sales pages and promises of easy money, and all Philip was left with was a worthless method or strategy.

The so called "gurus" out there have ruthless and psychologically triggered sales pages that will trick the most sensible person to buy! was born!

Once Philip finally felt he could call himself an "affiliate marketer" and "blogger" he immediately started working on his own training modules to show people an honest and safe way of making money online - the same methods HE uses!

The journey to success is NEVER easy and anyone who wants to generate a monthly income online HAS to be willing to learn and be willing to do some hard but, at least when you have training you can trust, it becomes that much easier!

After 4 years of trial and error he got so sick of buying mediocre and low quality products that he decided to make his own membership site where he could show people how to make money online.

Now he spends his time trying and testing systems and strategies to ensure that his members will get actionable and honest methods of making money online, without the fear of buying a scam or questionable training.

philip from

"I got so sick of buying misleading systems and training modules!"

"I spent years trying to find something that was honest and simple to use but they always led me down a path where I had to spend more money and buy the next product."

"Either a product was a complete lie and I just got ripped off, or I purchased something which would only work if I 'upgraded' to the next service!"

"I got so frustrated that when I finally made it, I decided to show people how to make money online in a simple and honest way." - Philip,

2019 to 2021...

In 2019, Philip also created another standalone course, called The Simple Traffic Blueprint, which focuses on the most beginner-friendly way for a newbie to make money online on YouTube.

With over 2,000 copies sold and glowing reviews, this is due to be re-launched in 2022 as STB 2.0 with all new updated tutorials. 

In 2020, Philip created a 30-day coaching program called The Advanced Traffic Blueprint, which focuses on creating products reviews to drive traffic to affiliate offers and build a tribe online. ATB focuses on honestly and transparency and how you can make money online in the MMO (make money online) niche without lying and selling shiny objects like most people do.

February of 2021 saw the arrival of The Simple SEO Blueprint, which is a beginner friendly, but super in-depth, course about Search Engine Optimization and how you can use Google to drive unlimited traffic to your business.

With over 600 copies sold in the first week, this also received superb customer feedback and glowing critique from customers. 


In early 2021, Philip became a student again and joined the Platinum Mastermind group created by Jon Penberthy. 

During this 12 month program, Philip learned the art of scaling from 6-figures per year to 7-Figures. 

By no means an easy thing to do, but he now has the means and tools to complete this task.


In August of 2023, Philip took the plunge and became a fully-fledged digital nomad. He sold him home and gave away all his possessions and left the UK.

He will spend the next few years exploring the world and seeing what investment opportunities awaits.

Taking Action Online, has been giving yet another facelift with updated training and more in-depth training. With the development of the 180-Day Marketing Academy Blueprint, students can have Philip as their personal coach for 6 months and longer for one small annual fee.


In early 2024, Philip officially established a new business base for Taking Action Online in Dubai after three years of thorough research and deliberation.

Relocating from the UK was a profoundly difficult choice, requiring careful consideration.

However, the benefits of a simpler business framework, lower taxes, and fewer investment restrictions in Dubai presented an opportunity that was too significant to pass up. 

This strategic move promises to enhance both personal freedom and business growth. Philip can now do what he wants to do, not what the UK system allows him to do.

Philip borrowman in dubai

Let Philip's 7-Step Action Plan Show You How To Build A Real Evergreen Business Click-By-Click

Earn money via passive ads, affiliate sales, sponsors, email marketing, content creation, recurring sales and more...