Turn Your Passion Into Profit With Our 20 Step Action Plan

This is the ultimate beginner-friendly solution for building a solid online business & earning commissions safely with the help from a leader & community who cares!

The 20 Step Action Plan walks you through the A to Z of building your affiliate business and going full time as a marketer.

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First Up, The Training Is Not Just Theory.

You’ll see, as though watching over our shoulder, us building a new business right in front of you that you can follow along and replicate, click-for-click.

There is nothing difficult that a beginner marketer can’t do! We not only show you the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’. We’ve broken the whole process down into easy-to-do “action steps”, from the very first steps, all the way through to the end - so just follow along, and by the end, you’ll have built your own successful online affiliate marketing business!

So many other courses online only tell you ‘the what’ without showing you how, so you’re left stuck and more confused than before you started. This leads to you taking no action and eventually giving up. No action = no results.

Get the 20 Step Action Plan Now!

That’s Where TAO Is Different!

This is a completely beginner-friendly course designed to get you taking action quickly. It does this by giving you “bite-sized” lessons with a couple of “actionable tasks” at the end of each.

You have a clear picture of exactly how and what you should do each day, without being overwhelmed. Then it’s just a matter of doing it.

Work At Your Own Pace

You can choose the pace because all the training is readily available with videos, interactive checklists and PDFs inside our private members area which you can access any time day or night.

(We suggest you do at least 2 or 3 steps per week though, as the faster you take action, the faster you will start earning!)

Note: All of our training is based on real-life, trial and error from our own experiences over the past 10+ years of doing online marketing, both as affiliate marketers and product creators.

The main focus of the training is on how you can become successful as an affiliate marketer or build your own brand, following and products to sell.

Both go hand in hand and we recommend you should be doing both of these to maximize your earning potential and grow an unstoppable business!

“The 20 Step Action Plan”

In Detail

How to Choose a Niche That Is Profitable & Fun

The niche you choose to work in is one of the keys to your success. You need to find one that is profitable and you enjoy. This module will teach you how to find that perfect niche for you and find targeted keywords.

This will help you establish if your niche will be viable and profitable before you begin.

Your Website - Basics

You will learn how to set up a basic website on a small budget, which will be the building block of your business. Follow these instructions to the letter so you have a solid foundation for your business.

Don’t worry if you’re not a techy person. This module consists of 4x very detailed over the shoulder tutorials.

Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles & Managing Time

These days, having a social media presence is massively important. You want to be in front of your audience on there and communicate with them. But, it is even more important you prioritize your time and energy to streamline your work on there.

This module will make you "wake up" and smell the reality of growing a social media following for your new business.

Note: you can build a business without social media. So, if you are not comfortable with social media, you can still implement the TAO training to great effect.

Why & How to Invest in Yourself

If you want to succeed, you have to master a particular mindset. People skip this video and NEVER understand why they fail. Don’t be one of those people!

In this tutorial, we throw a cold bucket of water in your face and tell the truth of what and how you need to think... you won't like it but you NEED to hear it!

Website Foundation Optimization

This module will show you the next steps in setting up the framework of your website. You will learn how to optimize it for Google search (SEO) and also secure it to keep it safe from hackers. After which, you’ll have a solid website from which you can launch your new business!

Watch over the shoulder as we show you click-for-click how to set your website up for long-lasting success.

Creating Valuable Content for Your Site

Learn why it's important to create valuable content for your website and understand why "user intent" is SO vital. Learn how to create content that your audience actually WANTS and how your site can be the one they find when they go searching on Google for it!

This module will help you get more traffic via SEO and viral content! Content is king and you will uncover angles and ideas you have never heard about before.

Creating an Irresistible Lead Magnet

In this module, we teach you how to create a “lead magnet” that will attract leads and customers onto your email marketing list like flies to a honeytrap. 

Your lead magnet is one of the keys to growing a successful affiliate marketing business as the more people you get on your list, the more you can make. As they say, “the money is in the list!”

Even if you’ve never made a lead magnet before, we will show you how you can easily make one from scratch.

Email Marketing Secrets

No matter what kind of online business you have, email marketing is the No.1 way to generate sales online.

You need to be collecting email leads and these 5 straight-to-the-point tutorials will teach you how to set up an automated email marketing system from scratch. We keep things simple so you can avoid confusion and information overload.

My Favorite Free Traffic Sources

On a tight budget? Then these free traffic methods are going to be the perfect way for you to get started online.

What free traffic source will you choose?

You must choose wisely as your time is precious. We uncover several simple ways for you to drive free targeted traffic to your new website in these 7 tutorials.

Optimizing Your Website for Maximum Sales

Having a well designed website is important. You must have a strategy in the structure to ensure your visitors get the content they want, but you also get the conversions you need.

The customer "flow" on your site needs to be funneled into your email marketing system. This is how your revenue can be generated passively.

Getting this right can make or break your future online and these 10x tutorials will show you EXACTLY what to do.

Leveraging YouTube for Free Traffic

This module will teach you about YouTube and how it can send you a monsoon of targeted visitors to your site. This is a real goldmine as the algorithm on YouTube is incredibly simple to understand.

There are 12x tutorials inside with detailed, over-the-shoulder tutorials on the best ways to make YouTube love your channel. This module is full of golden nuggets if you want to get free traffic from YouTube!

Taking things to the Next Level

Taking things to the next level is sometimes hard as it requires getting out of your comfort zone. Most people do not have what it takes. HOWEVER, increasing your traffic, leads and sales is not as hard as it seems.

These 4x incredibly simple but powerful tutorials will show you exactly how you can scale things up to the next level and feel comfortable about it.

Focused Email List Building and Calls to Action

Again, we teach you about email list building, but this time with more focus on building a bigger list faster. We’ll share our streamlined method and implementation mindsets for rapid email list growth.

With these six easy-to-follow lessons you will understand the process behind building your email list like a pro.

Making Commissions Selling Other people’s Products

Selling products as an affiliate is the easiest way for beginners to internet marketing to make a profit. You simply promote their product to your audience and you make a commission for every sale! Ka-ching!

It can be confusing and daunting at first, but once you learn how to get set up and promote as an affiliate, and get paid, it is one of the most satisfying feelings! It’s also easy to have multiple income streams and automate them using your website and email marketing. We show you the best way to do all this. This is where things get really exciting!

Email Marketing Automation Wizardry

We're going to show you how to set up your email funnel with automation rules to increase your sales and engagement from your list. Setting your emails up this way is the key to doubling or tripling your response and income automatically.

It can be hard to figure out how to do this well but you’ll see how we do it in these 10x in-depth tutorials. It will transform your basic email list into a passive traffic and revenue machine.

Expanding Your Social Media Presence

Growing your social media presence is essential for most niches. It’s a great traffic source and the ability to get your brand out there into the masses and interact with your audience.

This module has 6x eye opening tutorials which reveal the startling truth behind social media growth and how you can make the most of this targeted traffic source.

Outsourcing & Growing

We only have 24 hours in a day and the only way to get more done is to outsource. This will increase traffic, leads and sales and make your life easier.... in theory.

With 6x in-depth tutorials, you will have a new perspective on outsourcing and how you can use it to automate your business and increase your growth rate.

Creating Your Own Digital Product to Sell

Creating your own product to sell online is the ultimate way to make true passive income - especially if it’s a digital product. You can have people buying and downloading it from anywhere in the world at any time and the running costs are extremely low. You’re in complete control and you keep almost 100% of the profits.

You also build your own buyer list and THAT is where the real money is if you know how to create a great relationship with them. Let us show you how easy it is to get started as a product creator.

Using Paid Ads on YouTube and Scaling Traffic

Never fear if you’ve never run paid ads before, or if you’ve tried and failed bad before. I will take you by the hand and show you how to set up Discovery ads on YouTube.

Your ads will appear to your target audience in the YouTube search results, and related videos of competing and similar videos.

Use Discovery ads to grow your subscriber count, increase your video views, and even send traffic off YouTube to your funnels, blog posts, and more!

We’ve got 7x tutorials inside with click-for-click instructions on setting up your first YouTube ad campaign like a pro no matter how big or small your budget.

Going Full-Time

Going full time is one of the scariest ventures you will ever take on in your online marketing career. 95% of people will never get this far, let alone try and "go full time"... Here I reveal the biggest secret you need to know to be confident in going full time!

With 6x eye opening tutorials, you will be amazed at the simplicity of "going full time" and the sacrifices you MUST make to gain that extra bit of leverage.

The 20 modules are the backbone of the TAO training. They are based on timeless IM principles and strategies that you need to learn and build your business on.

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like TAO, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Get the 20 Step Action Plan Now!

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