Affiliate Mastermind Terms and Conditions

This document is the Terms and Conditions and Membership agreement for the TAO Affiliate Mastermind.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for the TAO Affiliate Mastermind Group.

Access Will Be Revoked if Full Payment Not Completed

Should a student not complete the 4x $249 payments, access to training and all benefits listed will be revoked. Appropriate questions have been asked to ensure students can afford the training at the time of joining. We cannot alter payment plans or make any exceptions based on changes to students financial situation.

Membership Clauses:

Members can be removed at any point for cause from the TAO Affiliate Mastermind. Philip Borrowman’s discretion is used here as each student is different and each student’s needs/actions and commitment levels vary/fluctuate drastically.

Any member found to break the Non-Disclosure Agreement will be removed from the group and legal action will be taken.

If a member is removed, all affiliate links will be void.

Due to the complexity and continuing development of the TAO Affiliate Mastermind and ALL products created, Philip Borrowman reserves the right to change the T&C of the TAO Affiliate Mastermind at any point to reflect new changes in T&C. By purchasing and being part of the TAO Affiliate Mastermind you accept this condition and you agree to accept future changes to the T&C.

Free access to all products + lifetime access to TAO and all future launches.

This only applies to products under $97 and does not include any coaching packages.

Members accept that TAO and all products change and evolve. Lifetime access to any course inside TAO is only valid as long as they are publicly available. If a course is discontinued then access will be revoked.

1-1 Calls

1-1 calls are valid during the 5 month coaching period only.