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Front End $24.95 (50%)

Monthly Recurring $24.95 (25%)

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what is taking action online?

Taking Action Online is a safe place where newbies can learn how to make money online!

There is over 25 hours of training modules and over the shoulder tutorials which teach beginner affiliate marketers how to:

  • Build a WordPress website from scratch!
  • Create a YouTube channel from scratch!
  • How to rank in YouTube!
  • How to rank blog posts in Google!
  • How to use social media to make money!
  • How to make money with email marketing!
  • How to build trust and long term followers!
  • How to create valuable & high quality content!
  • How to write blog post & reviews!
  • How to make money online as an affiliate!

Fresh Case Studies Added Every Month!

Case Study No.1 - Why You Should Never Buy "Cheap" Traffic.
Case Study No.2 - Watch Step-By-Step As I Make $1500 For Building A Website.
Case Study No.3 - My $300 Email Campaign Which "Failed".
Case Study No.4 - My $500 Email Campaign Which Started Very Badly.
Case Study No.5 - Get Facebook Likes For Pennies.
Case Study No.6 - My Badly Timed $350 Email Campaign.
Case Study No.7 - $200+ Passive Monthly Income with Free YouTube Traffic.
Case Study No.8 - $550 Profit From Sending 2 Emails & Using WhatsApp.

members Also Get access to:

+ Over 8 the shoulder case studies!
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+ live webinars!

+ Over 10 Money making strategies!

The Most Honest Training You Have Seen!

  • 100% Newbie Friendly Video-Based Training!
  • Over 25 Hours Of Training!
  • Simple But Effective Affiliate Marketing Methods!
  • No Previous Experience Needed!
  • 100% White-Hat Training!
  • Weekly updates: case studies and fresh webinars!
  • No Secret Software Required, No Coding!
  • No Bullshit!
  • Just simple, honest and practical guidance!

Strategies Added So Far

YouTube Launch Jacking

YouTube Launch Jacking + Blogging + Email Marketing!

Become A Local Website Designer/Consultant 

Selling FREE Stuff For Profit! - FREE MONEY!

Social Media Consultant

Push Notification Leverage

Social Media Leverage Machine!

Email Automation - Simple Campaigns

Driving Traffic To High Ticket Offers (Part 1, Basic Intro)

Driving Traffic To High Ticket Offers (Part 2, Full Overview)

[Basic] - Make Sales With Facebook Messenger Organically

CPA & Affiliate Marketing With YouTube (NO WRITTEN CONTENT)

YouTube Domination - Easy Commissions (No On Camera Work!)

The "Action Plan" Has Over 12 Hours Of Training

choose your niche
building your website
youtube and video creation
choose one social account
building your foundations
create valuable content
expand social following
using free traffic sources
using paid traffic
using email marketing
taking things to the next level
rinse and repeat
step 13 - making money from your website
Step 14 - investing in yourself
step 16 - make your website beautiful
networking & building contacts
landing pages & list building
creating your own product
making more money