A $500+ Email Campaign Which
Started Very Badly - Case Study No.4

This email campaign was a promotion of Destiny and in this case study I show you everything I did to promote it. 

The deal I mention inside is available to your guys as well grab it here

Unfortunately, something went very wrong which was out of my control.

The PayPal checkout page had an error, connected to the vendors PayPal account, which meant that my readers were unable to complete the purchase. As a result I probably lost out on about 10+ sales equalling about $400+, not to mention the monthly recurring fee to Taking Action Online.

This mistake was unavoidable as I had no control over it and I had no way of knowing this error was there. All I could do was to act as quickly as I could to contact the vendor to get the error message fixed, which I did.

Altogether I did OK with this campaign, considering the poor start and the fact that the majority of my 56 unique clicks were wasted on a dead sales page, but I recorded it to show you guys what I did and how I recovered. 

The $500 profit I made in this case study includes the upcoming monthly recurring fees I will earn from my new members at TAO.