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This case study is from Philip's membership area, Taking Action Online, and it illustrates that you not need a large list to make money online. 

Beginner affiliate marketers tend to overcomplicate things and slow down their progress by doing so. Keep things simple and safe!

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Customer Testimonials:

Philip is such an amazing guide, and more importantly a very kind person!In times when I felt down, stuck and started giving up on the whole idea of blogging full-time as a career - he would always find the right words to inspire me, and push me to move forward!

Anna -Affiliate Marketer


First of all, I must say that Philip is a really good person, and he is really trustworthy. Without him, I would not have made my first sale online, and you know why? Because he motivated me to work when it was hardest to continue and I am very grateful to him for that.

Daniel - Affiliate marketer