$1500 for 50 hours work



This case study shows how I build a website from scratch and sell it to a client for $1,500. This strategy will surprise you and you will be amazed how simple the process is.

The beauty with this kind of income is that you get paid BEFORE you start work and you are delivering an AMAZING service. As a result your client is over the moon and you get paid a fair price for your time.


Full Detail Of What I Did + Email Transcript

This is a detailed overview of what happened in this case study. I would urge you to read all of this, as well as watching the whole case study video above!

Paula contacted me on 13 September asking me for help. She wanted to learn how she can make money online using her Instagram account as a personal fitness instructor.

She has a local client base but she also has an Instagram account which she wants to use to sell products and services.

As you can see from our email application. Click here to see full transcript.


Hi Philip

I hope you don't mind me sending you this email but I would like to reach out to you and ask you for your help.

I live in the UK and I am desperately wanting to start an online business using Instagram but I don't even know where to start. I have spent months searching on Google, watching YouTube videos, signing up and watching seminars etc but I am still at a total loss.

I presently work as a personal trainer and have worked within the fitness industry for over 25 years. I know my work inside out and I'm very confident, experienced and knowledgeable in what I do.

However I am not tech minded at all. I was told I needed to set up a sales funnel and looking at other people's Instagram accounts this does seem to be the way to go but I simply can't figure out how to do this.

My goal/aim is to sell personal training packages i.e. 8 week training programmes, 12 week training programmes, home workout programs, gym programmes etc. I would also like to sell ebooks on weight loss, nutrition, exercise etc.

I have been trying for months and still haven't even managed to figure out how to set up a sales funnel let alone anything further.

Unfortunately I have been conned out of money a few times but believe that you are totally legit and would be so grateful for any help you could give me.

I appreciate your time is valuable, obviously I would be willing to pay for any help/advice/mentoring you could give me.

I hope I have not offended you in any way or come across rude sending you this email when you do not even know me but I am really now starting to lose all hope.

I would be so grateful for any help and really do hope to hear from you.

Kind regards


Paula  //  Personal Trainer

philip from takingaction.online

H Paula

Thanks for getting in touch, it means a lot to me that you trust me to give you advice. ?

I can help you out here. But first, I need to get some more info.

Can you send me your Instagram name so I can take a look?

What is your budget to get started?

Are you good at taking pictures? Selfies and so on.

Where are you based?

Are you comfortable recording yourself talking to the camera?


Philip - Ipoopcash.com

Philip  //  Taking Action Online

You can see that when she contacted me I did not try and sell anything I simply offered my advice. I gave as much value as I possibly could because this is the only way you can build trust with somebody. If I jumped in with a product promotion immediately she would most likely turn way and not reply.

I offer my help and asked some more questions so I could give some more targeted assistance. When she replied I then replied again with a video message where I record myself talking over her Instagram account and I gave some pointers.

I discussed things like:

  • affiliate marketing, 
  • email marketing 
  • how she can monetize content.

I also gave some clues on how she could improve her following and increase engagement.

At this point I also offered that she should come and join me at Taking Action Online and, at best, I was simply hoping for another subscriber to my service.

However once she replied to my video message, her enthusiasm caught my eye, and I decided to jump on this opportunity. She clearly appreciated my advice, and my attention to detail, and so I replied once again with an offer of further assistance.

philip takingaction.online


Hi Paula,

I have had a little think and I have a proposal for you.

Watch this and let me know what you think - video link hidden for privacy

If this sounds like something you would want to do then let me know and I will draw up and official draft proposal for you.

Which would include everything that I will provide and do for you, including the cost involved.

That way you can get a complete business package ready and set to go. You would have to do some work as well in the 60 day action plan which follows but you will have a ready made launchpad for your new business.

Let me know what you think.

Philip blogger

As you can see from my message above I offered her a complete solution to a problem. If you click link below you will see the proposal a center regarding her website. See proposal

It essentially says that I offered to build her a four-page website and include an action plan along with tutorial videos on how she could expand and grow your business online.

Given the fact that she approached me and asked me for help, coupled with the fact that her answers were lengthy and very detailed, I knew that she was serious and she actually wants help.

When you get this opportunity you have to jump on it and always over deliver with regards to your content and your customer service. If you over deliver to your customers or your clients they will love you forever and they get exactly what they want.

When it comes to delivering content or services or products there is no need to ever skimp out. We are in the business of providing quality products and service. Never forget that.

I have gone out of my way to over deliver to Paula because I genuinely want to help her.

Over the course of the following week or two we exchanged in excess of 50 emails where we chatted a bit and got to know each other and also I asked further questions about what she wanted.

I also asked her for further details about content to be placed on the website:

  • what images to use, 
  • which videos to use 
  • whether or not she had any testimonials from her clients.

You can see our emails in the transcription below. Click here to see the emails we exchanged

How I Delivered Her Website?

The first thing I did was to get Paula to go to the hosting provider and domain provider to open her accounts and pay for the hosting and the domain name. She then forwarded me the login details so I can get to work.

This simplifies the process and keeps her payment details safe as she would not have to hand them over to me.

Step One

The first thing I did was to go the Action Plan inside Taking Action Online and I completed step two and step four. Build the website and created the foundation of the website.

I then installed the Elementor page builder and started designing the website. Designing a website of this nature is very simple due to the slimline and practical page builder that you can use. I added the images and the testimonials to the site and made it look beautiful.

Step Two

I then continued to put together the implementation plan for Paula's new website to teach her how she combine her website with her Instagram account to start making money.

Obviously I am not able to produce an actual calendar plan for her because I don't know her schedule and everybody's personal lives are quite hectic, so I came up with a solution.

I put together a collection of tasks and tutorials which I split up into daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Paula can then take these tasks and put them into her own calendar and do them when she can, obviously the daily tasks are the priority.

For example.

One of the weekly tasks is for Paula to start learning how to edit her website.

I have included a 25 minute video of myself editing her website using Elementor and I have also included a detailed video showing her how she can use the Elementor tutorial videos, made by the creator, to solve any questions she might have in the future.

This is of course a weekly task because this is quite a lengthy process and she could do it for one or two hours every week when she has spent time.

The purpose of action plan.

The purpose of the action plan is for Paula to have a crystal clear and  unsaturated learning platform where she can fully understand how she can make money with a website.

She will learn about:

  • email marketing
  • monetisation methods such as affiliate links, AdSense, CPA offers and so on.
  • social media engagement
  • YouTube and ranking YouTube videos
  • importance of creating quality and high engaging content
  • how to engage with followers and build a long-term relationship
  • how to create opt in pages and using sales funnels.
  • Get a high quality overview of what you have to do to make money online.

Why that one-on-one mental package I offers so valuable

The reason this kind of one-on-one tuition is so powerful is because this eliminates all the noise and misinformation online.

If Paula had not come to me then she would have spent another six months "googling" how to do all these things and got completely lost on the way.

She would have encountered many unscrupulous characters who would have overcharged her for simple tasks and she would have no one to turn to.

She would have been like so many other people who are stuck in the loop of searching for "how to make money with X" over and over again but never really getting anywhere.

The problem when you are trying to make money online is that you are distracted by different opinions and adverts and other people's content in the sidebar of YouTube and so on.

Therefore you never get any laser targeted help which solely focuses on what you need. That is why getting one-on-one help is so important.

How many hours they spend working on this project

By my calculations I spent roughly 50 hours working on this project. This includes the time spent emailing Paula prior to getting accepted.

This means that I got paid a fair price for my time and Paula received a very helpful, high-quality training module tailored specifically to her needs. 

I will continue to help all along the way because I genuinely want to help and I am confident that she will see positive results if she follows the training.

How do I deliver this project to Paula

Once I had finished building her custom made action plan, which is hosted on the website, I simply create an account for her on my membership site and she can login and access it. She can access all my training inside Taking Action Online.

She now has complete access to all the training and her own personal training modules which she can use in conjunction with all my other training, including any future case studies and webinars.

The hosting provider, domain hosting, autoresponder and any other services she signed up for are in her name and she has the login details for which she can use at her own leisure.

This way there really isn't anything to hand over I simply sent over the login details and she is set to go. Should she ever need anything I can simply check the page and I can help very quickly.

The purpose of this case study

The purpose of this case was to show you guys how relatively simple it is to get clients online. The fact that this was a high ticket client is not the point, the point is that she arrived at my website looking for information because of my content.

This could have easily been a simple $20 commission, but it turned into a $1500 commission because of my attitude of giving away high quality and helpful information. Had I tried to sell to her immediately she would never have stuck around long enough to learn how I could help.

The purpose of this case study was to show you the kind of thing YOU can do to make making money online.

Case Study No.2 - Watch Step-By-Step As I Make $1500 For Building A Website! - Added 3rd October

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