Taking Action Online Marketing Academy 

Expand your knowledge beyond the Action Plan with more advanced concepts inside the Marketing Academy.

Once the Action Plan is complete, students move to the Marketing Academy where they learn how to get traffic, leads and sales to their new affiliate business.

Get Traffic To Your New Affiliate Site

You will be provided with extensive knowledge that will allow you to take your business building skills to the next level.

With focused courses that will provide more detailed concepts around lead and traffic generation to outsourcing your workload to allow you to scale your business and ideas even further.

The information below will provide you with previews of what you will learn from the training inside.

Expand Upon What You Have Learned

Learn more intricate concepts that will provide more consistency throughout your business building journey.

Use the Skills to Scale Your Business

Take everything you have learned from creating content to building email funnels and automations to put all of the pieces together to scale your business even further.

Learn Advanced Skills 

Level up your skills and knowledge to expand upon what you have already learned to build a better structure, create better content and provide more value to your audience. 

Want Access to the Marketing Academy?

What’s Included inside The Marketing Academy

Below you will learn about the training modules inside the Marketing Academy.

Module 1: 180 Day Implementation Plan

Learn the processes to keep your business moving forward beyond the 7 Step Action Plan.

You will have a lot of questions regarding what to focus on next once you complete the training.

Here you will be provided with in-depth lessons to guide you on your journey so you can build on what you have already learned to continue to build your business over the months and years to come.

Module 2: Blogging Bootcamp

These 13x powerful lessons will give you the insider knowledge you need to turn your blog into a traffic generating machine.

Blogging is very much alive and kicking. Google is the No.1 stop for all searchers. The concept of SEO (search engine optimization) is very daunting for beginners and in this Bootcamp, we want to shed light on how simple it can be if you are willing to take action and put in the work.

TIP: watch all the training through once before you implement. Watch from start to finish to get a Birdseye view of what you have to do. Then, watch it a second time and implement.

Module 3: YouTube Bootcamp

YouTube is a huge traffic source and a wonderful way to brand yourself. Anyone can succeed with YouTube if they are willing to do the work and immerse themselves in their niche.

These 9x simple yet effective lessons will show you just how simple YouTube can be. You may only be a few days away from unlocking an incredible amount of traffic for free using YouTube.

Module 4: Email Funnels & Income Streams

Learn how to create deep-linking and highly converting sales funnels using email marketing. “The money IS in the list!”. This statement is still very true, even in 2022. 

With 16 incredibly detailed tutorials, you can quickly and easily learn how to drastically increase your profitability as a marketer today.

Module 5: Going Full-Time

Going full time is one of the scariest adventures you will ever take on in your life as an affiliate marketer. 95% of people will never get this far, let alone try and “go full time”… here is the secret to going full time!

These 7 lessons could change your life.

Module 6: Email Marketing Development

Learn the fundamentals and processes of creating curiosity-driven emails by developing basic copywriting skills to get people to open and engage with what you have to offer.

You will learn how to create engaging content while also learning how to structure and schedule your email sequences through the use of building automations.

Module 7: Creating a Kickass Lead Magnet

This module will show you how to create an incredibly valuable lead magnet to replace the 7 Step Action Plan lead magnet we made earlier.

This will be an in-depth analysis of pinpointing your avatar’s deepest desires so you can give them an irresistible piece of content to solve their problems.

Module 8: Content Creation Mastery (Coming Soon)

This module will be about creating content for blogs, videos and social media.

Content creation hacks, user intent, tips and tricks on increasing engagement and conversion.

  • Content structure & types.
  • Planning and researching.
  • Engagement hacks and implementation processes.
  • Content templates & insider tips.

Module 9: YouTube Mastery (Coming Soon)

Deep dive into YouTube keyword research, content analysis and ranking hacks. As one of the top search engines globally, YouTube is an epic traffic source. In this module, learn how to rank top of the search results and turn views into cold hard cash.

  • Content structure & types.
  • Planning and researching ideas.
  • Engagement hacks and implementation procedures.
  • Content templates & insider knowledge.

Module 10: List Growth - Free Traffic

This module will be purely about list growth. Traffic sources, squeeze page conversion hacks and how to ACTUALLY grow your list. These modules will be broken up into individual courses so each platform will have its own comprehensive implementation roadmap.

  • Medium
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Etc…

Module 11: List Growth - Paid Traffic (Coming Soon)

We are focusing on paid traffic sources to drive traffic faster. We discuss conversion hacks, CTR, cost per lead and share case studies to demonstrate how to drive real traffic to your squeeze pages.

These modules will be broken up into individual courses so each platform will have it’s own comprehensive implementation roadmap.

  • Taboola Ads

  • YouTube Display Ads

  • Bing Ads

  • Etc…

Module 12: Social Media Domination (Coming Soon)

From content hacks to user engagements, learn to build a truly loyal following using social media.

Increase exposure, clicks and lead growth by using the viral algorithm of social platforms.

Module 13: Outsourcing to Scale

This module will include outsourcing websites, guides and processes to enable effective outsourcing.

Using freelancers is essential to streamline your growth, and re-investing your earnings is the only way to scale your potential revenue.

Plan for Your Future.

Setting up an online business from scratch takes time and effort to put all of the pieces together and by having a solid step by step structure to follow will ensure that you have access to all of the guidance and support you need to keep moving forward in the right direction.

By following a proven path will also ensure that you start seeing results much faster than trying to figure it all out on your own.

Have an idea of the goal you would like to achieve and use the training inside the 7 Step Action Plan and the Marketing Academy to help further develop your knowledge and skills for future growth.

Why The Marketing Academy Is So Valuable

You get access to real insights beyond the 7 Step Action Plan that show real behind the scenes evidence of what it actually takes to build a long term sustainable business from the ground up.

You will gain so much knowledge and value inside plus you also have access to a super active and engaging community of fellow marketers that will also share more of their tips to help you on your journey.

The level of information and guidance available within the Marketing Academy provides a ton of value that is not available elsewhere that most marketers don't share or would charge thousands for providing you with that information.

The Marketing Academy is a real gold mine of knowledge and opportunities waiting to be explored.

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