2x your progress to your first sale with a 20 minute 1-1 coaching Video!

This 20 Minute session is not a live call or Skype call, do not panic! 

This is a recorded video delivered to you based on your unique needs and answers to my simple questionnaire.

I offer 1-1 Coaching but it starts at $1500, which means most people cannot afford it! This sucks for you, and it sucks for me as well!

Watch the video below to see how you can double your productivity!

Get 1-1 Coaching On A Budget, without the $1500 Price Tag!

$1500 - $69.99 - Limited Availability!

No Upsells, No Bullshit, No Misleading Information. 
Just honest, real and sensible advice which will help you build your business!

This is a tailored made service specifically for your website. You will get 20 minutes of laser targeted help to give you that BOOST you need to move forward!

Don't think your work is good enough? Do not feel shy or worried about what I might say. 

All my advice is friendly, helpful and honest. I am not here to hurt your feelings, ok?

I am here only to give you genuine and productive guidance. I don't bite!

I will create a 20 minute video where I critique your website/content/videos and show you what you have to focus on to push forward and build your business!

I will record my screen as I dissect your work/website/goal/business plan so you can better understand what you are doing wrong & what you are doing right!

This is suitable for ANYONE who needs solid guidance on how to bring their business forward.

Even if you have  just started and only have a basic website in place, this 20 minute 1-1 coaching will be incredibly valuable to you!

Step 1

Click the buy button below to pay the fee for the time it will take me to research, create and edit the 20 minute tutorial for you!

Step 2

Check your email & fill in the form to tell me more about your goals and current progress!


Sit back and wait for my reply. Once you get my video you will be filled with hope, motivation and excitement about what your business can do in the future!

The cost of this service is $69.99
One time payment. LIMITED!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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