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These Three "unsexy" Golden Nuggets are the reasons you are not Rolling In Cash as an Affiliate marketer. Period!

Watch Philip Build A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business Click For Click Which You Can Replicate, Even With No Experience.

  • Immediate Access To 20 Step Action Plan
  • 100% Spam Free Community With Priority Support
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support For Immediate Guidance
  • Strategy Guides For Implementation Acceleration
  • A Community Of Marketers Who Cares
  • Interactive Checklists For Fast Implementation
  • Proven Success Stories & Proven Credibility

Copy The Same Action Plan That Motivated A Baker To Quit His Job & Build A Successful Affiliate Business Online...

Newbie Friendly. No Experience Needed. Step by Step!

Join my 20 Step Action Plan to move away from "Shiny Objects" and misleading sales pages with down to earth and practical training! Save money and time by learning the honest way to build a genuine business!

First Come, First Served! 

500 Copies ONLY...
This is a limited offer. Once all copies go, the price is increasing to $97 per month...

This is 100% risk free. We are so confident you will LOVE Taking Action Online that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Once you become a fully paid member, If you are not 100% happy, then just send us a message and we'll refund your money no questions asked.


TAO is an action plan designed from the ground-up to provide a complete end-to-end blueprint for any internet marketer who wants to become successful as an affiliate or to grow their tribe and following.

Our training is based on over a 3 years of case studies and real data to show that what we teach actually works!

You can follow along, click for click, and see a business being built right in front of you as we use the Action Plan ourselves to create a brand new affiliate marketing business.


We've designed T.A.O as an action plan with each step taking you further towards building a brand, becoming a leader to your tribe, making more sales, generating more leads, building a profitable email marketing list, and more.

You can now skip the pain and heartache of only collecting pieces of the internet marketing puzzle, and can Take Action using only what has been proven to work for us.

100% Spam Free Community

The Support You Need

The most difficult aspect of building a business online is getting help when you need it. 

Getting timely assistance from an experienced and diverse group of people can be hard to find, but luckily we're here for you 24 hours-a-day!

You are not alone when you are a member of TAO! You can ask questions and get the guidance you need, instead of drowning in information overload when diving into Google and YouTube for advice.

The 20 Step ACtion Plan

Choosing A Niche

This module will teach you how to find a niche and find targeted keywords. This will help you establish if your niche will be viable and profitable.

There are 14x tutorials inside Step 1 which will open your eyes on choosing a profitable niche.

Building Your Website

You will learn how to set up the building blocks of your business. Follow these instructions to the letter so you have a solid foundation for your business.

This module consists of 4x very detailed over the shoulder tutorials.

Social Media Passive Traffic

Your social media presence is very important. But, it is even more important you prioritize your time and energy to streamline your growth.

These 6x tutorials will make you "wake up" and smell the reality of growing a social media following for your new business.

Investing In Yourself

You have to master this mindset if you want to succeed. People skip this video and NEVER understand why they fail.

Are you one of those people?

This powerful tutorial will make your jaw drop as I throw a cold bucket of water in your face and tell the truth... you won't like it but you NEED to hear it.

Building Your Foundations

This module will show you how to build the basic framework of your website. You will have an SEO ready and safe website from which you can launch your new business!

There are 7 over the shoulder tutorials which will set your business up the right way.

You see click-for-click how to get your site setup.

Creating Valuable Content

Learn why it's important to create valuable content and understand why "user intent" is SO vital. Create content for your audience and what they WANT!

The 14 modules inside will help you get more traffic via SEO and viral content!

This is the key to your success and you will uncover angles and ideas here you have never heard about before.

Creating A Valuable Lead Magnet

In this module, you will learn how to create a killer lead magnet that will drive your conversion sky high. Your lead magnet is the key to your success as the money is in the list.

The money IS in the list and these 10x detailed tutorials will show you EXACTLY how to create a powerful lead magnet from scratch.

Email Marketing Magic

Email marketing is the No.1 way to make money online.

The money really is in the LIST! These 5 straight to the point tutorials will set the foundation of your automated email list growth.

Keeping things simple is the key to avoid confusion and information overload.

Free Traffic Sources

Free traffic is a great way for you to get started online. 

You must choose wisely as you time is precious. What free traffic source will you choose?

These 7 tutorials will uncover very simple ways for you to drive free traffic to your new online empire.


Having a well designed website is important. You must have a purposeful structure to ensure your visitors get the content they want, but you also get the conversions you need.

The customer "flow" on your site needs to be funneled into your email automations. This is where you revenue is generated in a passive way.

Getting this right can make or break your future online and these 10x tutorials will show you EXACTLY what to do.

YouTube Traffic Authority

This module will teach you about YouTube and unlocking a monsoon of traffic. This is a real goldmine as the algorithm on YouTube is incredibly simple to understand.

There are 12x tutorials inside with detailed over the shoulder tutorials.

There are many golden nuggets in here.

Taking Things To The Next Level

Taking things to the next level is hard. Most people do not have what it takes. HOWEVER, increasing your traffic, leads and sales is not as hard as it seems.

These 4x incredibly simple but powerful tutorials will show you exactly how you can scale things up to the next level.

List Building & Call To Actions

Building your list is incredibly important and this module shows you how to explode your list growth with a streamlined method and implementation mindset.

With 6x easy to follow lessons you will understand what you have to do to start building your list.

Making Commissions

Let's talk about how we will make money by streamlining things. We will be doing a series of live workshops on this topic as well so stay tuned.

This is where things become exciting for you.

The following 7x tutorials will be a real eye opener for you.

Email Marketing Wizardry

Let's set up our automatic email funnel to increase our sales and engagement from our list. This will drastically increase our progress.

These 10x in-depth tutorials will transform your basic automation into a passive traffic and revenue machine.

Expanding Social Media Presence

Growing your social media presence is essential for most niches. This is a great traffic source and the ability to get your brand out there into the masses.

This module has 6x eye opening tutorials which reveals the startling truth behind social media growth and you can take advantage of this targeted traffic source.

Outsourcing & Growing

It's time for your to scale and increase your productivity. This will increase traffic, leads and sales and make your life easier.... in theory.

With 6x in-depth tutorials, you will have a new perspective on outsourcing and how you can use it to automate your business and increase your growth rate.

Creating Your Own Product

Creating your own product is the ultimate way to make true passive income because you are in complete control and you keep 95% of the profits.

You also build your own buyer list and relationship with your buyers. Let Philip show you how easy it is to get started as a product creator.

The 7x tutorials can change your life!

Paid Traffic + Scaling

Discovery ads are the premiere ad format to have your ad appear to your target audience in the YouTube search results, and related videos of competing and similar videos.

Use Discovery Ads to grow your subscriber count, increase your video views, and even send traffic off YouTube to your funnels, blog posts, and more!

7x tutorials inside with click for click instructions on setting up your first YouTube ad campaign. 

Going Full Time

Going full time is one of the scariest adventures you will even take on in your life as an affiliate marketer. 95% of people will never get this far, let alone try and "go full time"... here is the secret to going full time!

With 6x eye opening tutorials, you will be amazed at the simplicity of "going full time" and the sacrifices you MUST make to gain that extra bit of leverage.

This is 100% risk free. We are so confident you will LOVE Taking Action Online that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Once you become a fully paid member, If you are not 100% happy, then just send us a message and we'll refund your money no questions asked.

What Do People Say?

"The content on the site is fantastic, it's all step-by-step, there is no BS, there's no false-promises, there is no sales rubbish..."

- Lee Jones

"If you are done chasing little shiny objects like I was, you want to try Taking Action Online..."

- Dave Fortson

"Unlike everything else that I had purchased that was all regurgitated or outdated information, this is all original and updated content..."

- Matt Schlueter

"The information in there is thorough... the experience has been brilliant... There is so much content in here..."

- Richard Bagshaw

"I have never met a guy who gives away so much information...
I have filled in so many gaps in my knowledge with TAO..."

- Jeff Cutts

"I do believe there is a lot of honest and integrity within this training.

They make it clear this is not a get rich quick scheme..."

- Leroy Wint

Also Included:

Monthly Jump-Start Workshops

100% Educational Workshops: 

Every month, as part of the Taking Action Online premium membership, Philip hosts LIVE workshops to share implementation strategies, secrets tips and more.

These 100% educational workshops are designed to work hand in hand with the Action Plan and the Strategy Guides to help you move forward, grow as a marketer and see real progress.

Strategy Guides

Bite-Size Micro Courses Added Every Month To Help You Implement The Action Plan More Effectively.

These strategy guides are additional resources for the premium members of TAO.

Use them to increase implementation strategies and increase traffic, leads and sales to your business.

New guides are available every month.


Fresh Content added throughout the year! From December 2020 to April 2021 we are re-recording all the modules to ensure they are up to date.

At the time of writing there is over 50 HOURS of training available in a A-Z format to ensure you learn the most efficient way!

What People Say...

"If you are looking for excellent after sale service and a great training program then you can't go wrong with TAO."

- Bill Cotton

"Philip is dedicated to putting out the best there is in affiliate marketing training."

- Alan Crescenzi

500 Copies ONLY...
This is a limited offer. Once all copies go, the price is increasing to $97 per month...

This is 100% risk free. We are so confident you will LOVE Taking Action Online that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Once you become a fully paid member, If you are not 100% happy, then just send us a message and we'll refund your money no questions asked.


Copyright 2021 by Taking Action.Online

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