rapid implementation Vol.2 

"Automatic Prolific Content Creation"

Watch Philip Write A Rankable 1,500 Word Article In Less Than 35 Minutes Even Though He Is Terrible At Writing

Blog Posts. Video Scripts. Social Media Posts. Emails. Copywriting. Ad Copy. Product Descriptions. Ebooks. YouTube Descriptions. Long Form Content. Any Content. Any Niche.

A 10-part micro-course designed for fast implementation.

No outsourcing needed. No expensive software.

Works in any niche. Use Any AI Content Creation Tool You Want.

This is not a "software that will magically do the work for you", this is a method to accelerate your content creation 100 fold EVEN IF you suck at writing.

I suck at writing.

My grammar is terrible. I suffer massively from writer's block.

This "Prolific Content Creation" micro-course is a gamechanger. Let me show in 30 minutes how you can also pump out content like a machine!

What You’ll Learn In This Micro Course

"Automatic Prolific Content Creation" is a micro rapid implementation course which teaches you how to create content almost immediatly using a simple AI software. 

  • The key to this method is the foundation of the content and a simple hack I use to plan my content.
  • This can be implemented immediately, even with no experience and low budget. The AI tool only costs $9/m and is strikingly powerful, yet unbelievably affordable. Small price to pay if you can create a 2,000 word article faster than it takes to make a roast chicken! 🍗🐔 You can use any AI content creation tool you like.
  • "Automatic Prolific Content Creation" is so effective it works with any niche, any product, any service, any business.... local, freelancing, brick and mortar, affiliate marketing... you name it. EVERYTHING!
  • Even if you have no business right now, this is ideal because, at some point, you will need to write something online. A blog post, a script... something! You will be ready with the "Automatic Prolific Content Creation" when you do.

"This simple method can help you pump out 1,000s words an hour with ease.

I suck at writing. My grammar is terrible. I suffer massively from writer's block.

Nevertheless, I manage to write a tremendous amount of content fast since I discovered this simple way of creating content."

Philip Borrowman


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