A 10-part micro-course designed for fast implementation, even with a small list.

rapid implementation Vol.3 - "Bootstrap Conversion Hacks"

These 10 Simple Conversion Hacks Made Philip $10,000s With A Tiny List. Can Be Implemented TODAY! 100% Free! 

Includes Detailed $4000 Case Study + Free Funnel Suite Builder

A 10-part micro-course designed for fast implementation, even with a small list.

No outsourcing needed. No expensive software.

Works in any niche. You will not spend a penny using these methods.

Increase Subscriber Value. Massive Jump In Affiliate Sales.
Huge Recurring Revenue. 10x Engagement On All Platforms.

This is not a "system that will magically do the work for you", this is a method to accelerate your potential earnings even if you are just starting out or you have an existing business.

What You’ll Learn In This 10-Part Micro Course

"Bootstrap Conversion Hacks" is a micro rapid implementation course which teaches you how to increase follower loyalty, increase sales and recurring commissions by using emotionally triggered conversion methods.

  • The key to this method is the fundamental simplicity of increasing conversions without spending a penny.
  • This can be implemented immediately, even with no experience and low budget. These methods are so fast to implement and so powerful they played a dramatic role in my first $100 day, $500 day and $1,000 day as an affiliate marketer. Literally anyone can implement these methods right away, even with a tiny list.
  • "Bootstrap Conversion Hacks" is so effective it works with any niche, any product, any service, any business.... local, freelancing, brick and mortar, affiliate marketing... you name it. EVERYTHING!
  • Even if you have no business right now, this is ideal because, at some point, you need to convert your followers, traffic and email list into sales. With a more engaged and valuable following, your recurring income comes faster, and long term loyalty explodes.

"I made my first $100,000 before my list was 4,000 people strong.

The reason is simple: I used these conversion hacks to explode the customer value of the list I had instead of desperately looking for fresh leads all the time.

It's effortless and fun to implement."

Philip Borrowman


What You’ll Learn In This 10-Part Micro Course

  • WhatsApp Personal Touch: Learn a clever trick Philip uses to extract $500 in sales with the UGLIEST review page you have ever seen. You can literally use this method right now today to generate sales even from a small following. Most people are surprised by this method as it seems too simple!
  • $500 WhatsApp Case Study: You get a detailed look into EXACTLY what Philip did, and most importantly, you will learn "WHY" he executed this strategy in the way he did.
  • Make It Personal: Using personalised callouts is a simple method to extract the most profound loyalty. This is particularly effective with small followings because the effect is felt 1000% deeper for you and your followers.
  • Permission Based Segmentation: Using a clever email automation trick, Philip is able to extract the most engagement out of his email list with hyper targeted emails. Most people NEVER use this method because are not aware of it. The residual impact of this method is beyond measure.
  • $4,000 Case Study: To prove his point, Philip gives a detailed case study with an example automation to demonstrate the "Permission Based Segmentation" in action.
  • Locking Content: Every day, you are missing potential leads and a way to give your audience more value by locking content away in a non-manipulative way. Here is how...
  • Automatic List Hygiene: A clean list is the key to higher engagement. Nevertheless, most people do not do the most basic list hygiene. This lesson will share the NO.1 process you must do from day one.
  • Repurposing Content: Within your grasp, there is a platform you can "copy and paste" your blog/video post directly and have access to 160,000,000 monthly users. This lesson will open a massive door for you.
  • Investing Time To Become The Authority: This simple example shows how one person established 100 daily passive content views for only working for 30 days. Imagine if he worked 365 days, this number would be in the 1,000s every single hour! It's insane more people do not do this. It's free and SO easy to do.
  • Offering 1-1 Calls: This is terrifying but surprisingly simple. Let Philip demonstrate how powerful and EASY it can be to provide free consultations to help 100x your customer loyalty and recurring commissions.
  • Just Do it: Seriously, guys.... Let Philip give you a slap in the face and make you genuinely understand how simple this is. Most of you will never realise how close you were to actually (REALLY) making some real commissions.

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