Our Team 

Our team is growing as TAO increases in popularity. We have huge plans for 2022, taking TAO to a new level of online learning to make it THE No.1 place for newbies to learn affiliate marketing.

Philip Borrowman - TAO Founder

Philip is a former baker and bar manager who turned his attention to “making money online” back in 2012.

After years of buying shiny objects and scammy products, he finally cracked it and started to build an online income. 

Now he has pooled together his methods and strategies to teach others a genuine, down to earth and real way of building an online business.

No hype, no “secret untapped resource”, just honest and down to earth training. Learn More.

Ken Furukawa - Live Training Coach

Ken has a wealth of experience across the board.

From SEO consulting to earning $1,000s from one single YouTube video, Ken has done the lot!

In January of 2022, Ken joined the TAO team as the Live Training Coach and is taking over the JumpStart Workshops from Philip.

Let Ken explore the monster that is "affiliate marketing" and have fun with him along the way. 

Traffic, case studies, implementation strategies and more awaits! Let's go!

Peter Byrne - Backend Wizard

Peter joined TAO in June of 2021.

Peter writes the Strategy Guides and tackles the backend day to day running of TAO.

He has a great deal of experience with content creation, video creation, and graphic design.

Before Philip dragged him over to join TAO, he had even worked as a personal trainer.

Think of Peter as the silent wizard who makes sure the wheels keep spinning in the background.

Garry Baker - Success Coach

Husband and father of 2 boys from Arkansas, U.S.A. Garry has a tremendous amount of experience with YouTube and hacking the algorithm.

Running two successful YouTube channels, Garry spends his days as a Success Coach with TAO, joining the team in July 2021.

Tapping into his knowledge can be a compelling way to grow your business.

Garry stands by inside the Live Chat Support of TAO, ready to help you overcome your hurdles.

Richard Darby - Success Coach

The king of YouTube product reviews, Richard joined TAO as a Success Coach in July 2021.

With a deep knowledge of the affiliate marketing underworld, Richard has a knack for telling the truth from fiction.

He sits patiently inside TAO Live Chat Support, waiting to help you achieve your dream of making an online income.

His honest guidance and deadpan British humour will help you overcome even the toughest of hurdles.

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